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Jan 14, 2008 07:17 PM

Dungeness crab on the Monterey peninsula

Any good places to eat fresh Dungeness crab in/around Monterey next weekend? Not looking for crab to take home.

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  1. You can usually get it at Passionfish in Pacific Grove in season, but not just plain steamed or roasted if that is what you are looking for: friends of mine ate there last weekend and reported that there was a crab salad with Asian flavors (which they thought masked the taste of the crab somewhat), as well as the crabcakes that are often on the menu. (and that I love).

    I can't find a menu online, but I am fairly sure it is also on the menu at the Sea Harvest Fish Markets and Restaurants in season. You might try the one in the Rio Road shopping center in Carmel, right off of Highway One.

    701 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

    Sea Harvest Fish Market & Restaurants: Carmel
    100 The, Crossroads # A Carmel, CA

    1. I think Sea Harvest probably does have it. I know they sell it to take home. A couple of places on Fisherman's Wharf surely have it. I'd try Cafe Fina, Old Fisherman's Grotto or Abalonetti.

      1. What we did: ALL three recommendations!! Had both the Passionfish recs. Superb crab cake and my wife and I thought the Asian influenced crab/avocado salad was one of THE! BEST!! EVER!!! things we (I) have EVER eaten. We also ate at at the Moss Landing Sea Harvest and had great food including my whole crab meal. As always, thanks for the help.

        1. Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing usually has some great crab specials. They're not as consistent as they used to be, but when it's good, it's good!