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Jan 14, 2008 07:03 PM

Breakfast in Pismo

There will be seven of us going to Pismo during Easter weekend. Now, I remember that there was a very good place to eat breakfast on the main drag between Shell Beach and Pismo. Is it still there? What are good medium to hardy breakfast places in the area. Thanks

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  1. Adding to this...wondering about Easter Brunch in the area? Maybe a view?

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      Mon Ami is a new crepe place in Pismo that might be fun. I know the owner, she works at another local restaurant, actually, and they serve breakfast crepes with eggs and stuff. I've had the chicken pesto crepes for lunch- yum! Easter Brunch with a view - you would probably be thinking of the former Sea Cliffs at the Cliffs resort. They are now Marisol, but still have an awesome brunch with seafood, etc. It's a bit pricey IMHO, $32.50. but it's good. I think the best brunch in the county is actually at Artisan in Paso Robles, and it's a bargain at $25. Mc Phee's brunch is good too, and Penny's in Templeton is also nice. As far as good medium to hardy- Bon Temps gets my vote hands down. You will be craving the Cajun breakfast and the fried green tomato Benedict after you return home....

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        Thanks for all of your replies. The Shore Cliff also has oceanfromt dining. Has anyone gone there lately? We had brunch ages ago at the hotel in Avala Beach, up on the hillside. Are they still serving?

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          San Luis Bay Inn has been a time shares resort for some time. Dining room not open to my knowledge. This is the one perched above the golf course and lagoon at Avila Beach.

    2. On Shell Beach Road north of Pismo is Spyglass, which is at the Spyglass exit off 101. A half mile north of that is Marisol at The Cliffs Resort. Spyglass is a little more funky and you can sit outside and order off the menu. Marisol is more upscale and there is a buffet brunch on weekends. I like Spyglass better, my husband prefers Marisol. On Sundays at Marisol they have live music, and there are a few tables outside.

      There is also a new restaurant, Lido, at Dolphin Bay. It's between Spyglass and Marisol. Very nice, but I don't know if they do a brunch.

      All three have gorgeous views. Lido is a little far back from the water.

      1. If you are looking for 'hearty', you may be thinking of the old JD Scrambles at the northern edge of Pismo Beach. It was a great little place with scramble breakfasts in a very cozy cafe atmosphere. Long gone now for at least 10 years.

        Hearty will be found at McClintock's in Arroyo Grande, downtown next to the creek on Bridge St. (no ocean view) Western style with tri tip and beans if you want, besides the usual breakfast offerings. Bar and good Bloody Marys. McClintocks in Shell Beach (east side of 101 overlooking the ocean) is a dinner house only.

        You may want to try Fat Cat's Cafe in Avila at the base of the Harford Pier. It serves a typical hearty breakfast. No reservations, but just a few yards from the pier and the ocean. Small calm beach nearby for post-meal strolling and piggy-dibbling. Decent food but not awesome.

        Sea Venture is down at the beach in Pismo right next to the creek, and right on the beach. It has an upstairs dining room with a view and is a venerable brunch place. Haven't been in years, so can't rec the food.

        edit: Gardens of Avila at Sycamore Mineral Springs (Avila Beach Rd) will be having a fixed menu brunch on Easter. Menu will be posted on the website after Valentine's Day.
        Very pretty setting, especially on the shady patio. We've had very good meals there in the past. The emphasis is on spa cuisine.

        I think the best buffet brunch in the county is at McPhee's in Templeton.

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          If the food's the main thing and not the view, think I'd head for Bon Temps just off 101 in SLO.

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            Yes, their cajun style breakfasts with spicy sausages and creamed spinach are delicious, and I like getting the grits for a change of pace. Good strong coffee, too. No "view" but a happy, funky atmosphere with good blues on the "jukebox".

            We've recently had a couple of good lunches at Custom House. Should try it again for breakfast too.

        2. Custom House in Avila Beach is also good for breakfast. I would def. try to make a reservation if they'll take one for breakfast.

          1. I agree about the Gardens of Avila restaurant--the old stone patio feels historic, and it is, but don't be confused, the menu isn't really spa cuisine. For brunch, they serve good and hearty smoky bacon, eggs benedict, cheesy omelettes, etc. There's mostly hearty choices for lunch and dinner, too. They do offer a vegetarian meal and a "light" meal for those who want that. The meditation gardens next to the mineral springs are a delight to explore after your meal.

            I also agree with the Lido rec. I haven't had their brunch, but did have an excellent seafood dinner there with friends who live in Shell Beach. They said they and their friends consider it to be the best restaurant in the area. The chef at the Lido used to be the chef at Gardens of Avila, and I notice GOA still serves a few of his dishes there.