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Jan 14, 2008 06:50 PM

Lunch at Bayona

Either this or next Saturday, for lunch, my boyfriend and I are going to take the streetcar down to the Quarter and then wander through it until we hit Bayona. Please tell me what the perfect meal would be. I know we should start with the Shrimp with black bean cake, but where should we go from there? We also would like to order a bottle of wine or a couple of drinks each and keep it under 100 if possible (100ish).

Also, any cool places we should stop in and see on the stroll over?


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  1. Please consider the sweatbreads as a starter.

    1. I was just there this past Saturday for dinner. It was awesome, as it has been on
      all previous visits. I've had the sweetbreads before and loved them. However, this
      time there was as starter on the special menu that was smoked quail ravioli topped
      with duck confit. It was very special and I'd recommend it highly. Whatever you
      have, enjoy!

      1. We had to shift our date to Sunday. I don't really want brunch. What do you guys suggest for a fun date with absolutely amazing food. Nothing stuffy or snobby.

        What about Cafe Amelie? Galatoire's? We've never been to Commander's. Ok, I'm starting to become open to brunch again.

        The only real requirements are:
        15-20 minute walk from streetcar stop
        scenic walk to restaurant from streetcar
        fantastic food and atmosphere
        a memorably relaxing day

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          Commander's would fit all your criteria. Short walk from streetcar. Great food. Jazz. Beautiful surroundings. Can I go too?