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Jan 14, 2008 06:43 PM

Windsor Arms Tea Cakes?

I'm looking for a recipe that would replicate the tea cakes served at afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms hotel. I have all sorts of recipes for tea biscuits, scones, quick breads etc., but I have a special request for something approximating those. Light and soft inside...too airy to be referred to as "biscuits" and almost crunchy on the outside?

Can anyone help?


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    1. re: morrigan

      Are they similar to southern U.S. biscuits? The ones I make are very soft and "densely fluffy" (not sure how else to describe) and when freshly baked, are crunchy on the outside. If that's what you want, let me know and I can post the recipe over on Home Cooking.

      1. re: TorontoJo

        I'm not entirely certain - I have never had a "real" Southern US biscuit...these were not heavy at all...but were "dense"... But post the recipe and I can try it! These ones had either raisins or lemon a tea biscuit, but lighter.

    2. Traditionally served with Afternoon Tea is a scone. It is usually a cream scone with cream or egg wash brushed over to give it a slight crunch. I don't know if you have ever been to King Eddie tea but that is what they did there.

      The angel biscuits recipe in the Edna Lewis cookbook make a lovely light biscuit.

      1. I know it is not the same but I managed to get my hands on the recipe for the "scones" from the Royal York. I don't want to post it online (for fear of death) so if you're interested, post back & I will give you my email address.

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        1. re: Apple

          I am interested...very...I love scones, but the recipes I have aren't great. There are so many out there to try...:). Looking forward to it!

          1. re: morrigan

            (As an aside, what is tea at the Royal York like? I used to love doing afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms, but I hate their new look... King Eddie? Old Mill? Favorites?)

            1. re: morrigan

              So far Windsor Arms is my fave. Have also tried King Eddie and Royal York. The setting at King Eddie left much to be desired but the food was very good. Royal York didn't offer any options (as far as the food), there was one menu and that was it. The sandwiches at Royal York seemed to have been made early in the day leaving them very dry, the scones were good, but no devon cream, and for me the scone is just a vehicle for the devon cream so that was disappointing.

              1. re: morrigan

                I've only had tea once at the King Eddie. I found it disappointing as the scones were merely "good", the sandwiches were better, but the desserts were either bad or boring. Overall the food seemed a tad stale, though the tea itself was quite nice. I look forward to trying tea somewhere else. I wouldn't recommend or repeat the King Eddie.

                1. re: morrigan

                  Last summer the Royal York had a special centennial or sesquicentennial (can't recall) tea celebration. So all summer they had afternoon tea at half price or so. It wasn't bad & it was my first tea. I really enjoyed the scone. After the tea, they gave us a tour of the rooftop herb garden. I was in heaven. My email is if you want the recipe. But be warned it is hotel serving size.

              2. re: Apple

                Please send to me as well - sounds yummy.