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Jan 14, 2008 06:31 PM

Best house-made pasta in Vegas?

Whenever we travel, I'm always on the lookout for terrific homemade pastas -- we don't have any decent Italian restaurants back home. So we're heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks, and I'd love to hear your recs on where to go for out-of-this world, house-made pasta dishes. We'll be staying at THEhotel, but location doesn't matter -- what are cabs for if not to chase fabulous meals? Thanks!

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  1. It is really hard to beat B&B (Venetian) for pasta explorations. A well developed array of options, and after multiple visits the execution has also been top notch. There is even a special tasting menu (five courses) for their pasta dishes, although it can be a little too rich for some taste buds.

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      We had two excellent housemade pasta dishes at Gaetano's, 10271 S. Eastern, Henderson recently. My wife ordered ravioli do zucca al burro e salvia - homemade ravioli stuffed with roasted butternut squash, topped with brown butter and sage. I ordered the mezzaluna di vitello con Porcini - homemade half moon pasta filled with veal, served with peas, prosciutto and porcini mushrooms in a light cream sauce. Both pasta dishes were bursting with flavor and I rated mine as the best entrée of the trip.

      A frugal option compared to B&B if you are nterested in trying a Mario Batali restaurant is Enoteca San Marco.

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      1. I'll provide a resounding second to the rec for the Pasta Shop. Never been disappointed, especially with the specials when available. Part of the appeal for me is the experience. Sometimes staffed by only the chef and one server, this can be very entertaining. On one visit I thought that I was living a Saturday Night Live sketch with pots & pans banging in the kitchen, the server walking back there, loud voices and yelling, the server coming back to the dining room, etc. It was wonderful. A nice change from the sterile, celebrity chef joints on the strip.

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          thats funny we'll be staying at theHotel in a few weeks also, and am looking for good itlian somewhere in the city or a drive if needed.