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Jan 14, 2008 06:20 PM

fresh mozzarella?

Anyone know of a place that makes fresh mozzarella daily? I recently moved to SF from NYC and this is the only food item that I miss and have not been able to find. Thanks for your help!

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    1. re: orleanslaura

      Can't help you with the freshly made stuff. If you're adventurous enough to make your own, though (which isn't hard), I was able to find fresh mozzarella curd at an Andronico's in Berkeley.

      My advice is to call the Cheese Board in Berkeley and ask them if they know of a supplier in the city. 510-549-3183

      1. re: mudster

        I agree with Mudster - fresh is *really* easy to make... almost disgustingly so. I haven't bought it in years.

        1. re: Carrie 218

          Carrie can you point me to somewhere with directions on making your own? We're a big pro-cheese house and I'd love to learn how to make my own.

            1. re: mofo313

              I learned from Rikki Carroll's site:

              Also, I bought her book and make a ton of my own cheese -- we made some Cottswold this past weekend!

      2. I do not know of one place that makes it daily, this should be on the "SF Food Mystery" thread you would think it was possible, but no.

        I really love the mozzarella from Rainbow Grocery in fact their cheese department is excellent. They have two mozzarella cheeses that are very fresh packaged in a container, one large ball and it is the freshest I have tasted in SF. I had asked them once where it comes from- one is from the East Coast and the other is from San Jose, don't remember which of the two I liked best.

        1. Belfiore in Berkeley makes fresh mozzarella. If you can find a vendor with a high turnover rate, it may suffice.

          1. Food serendipity must be at work today. As I was reading this post, my Mother Earth News blast came in. The topic?

            "How to Make Mozzarella Cheese: Whey Easier Than You Think"