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Jan 14, 2008 05:38 PM


My friend, Hil, and I tried OYA for RW tonight. We arrived early after work and grabbed a drink at the bar. They are currently promo-ing a rose champagne, called Sex. So I started off with Sex (which was good but didnt wow me!). We were starving so we ordered the Rock n' Roll (eel, avocado and very very good). After finishing our drinks, we moved to our table. I ordered the tuna tempura roll, sea bass and chocolate dessert (with a good glass of Pinot Noir). Hil had the Salmon roll, beef and bread pudding. For the appetizers, we found Hil's to be better. The Salmon roll had an excellent texture (kinda creamy and with a small spicy kick in the end- very very worth it) that was delicious. The tuna tempura had a spicy sauce that was way too many different flavors and over powered the tuna (what little there was there). The sea bass was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! It was cooked perfectly and the sauce was so delicious but didnt over power the fish- it is worth trying. I loved the chocolate mousse that was covered in a chocolate ganache...I definitely wanted more. As we were finishing up the manager (?) asked us about our meal and informed us that it would be restaurant week at Oya all year round with a changing fix prixe menu. The food was for the rest of restaurant experience. The service was good but had the extra RW push (when Hil finished her last glass of wine, the server took the glass and pushed our bill from the edge of the table into the center of the!!!)...I would be interested to know if there would the same push on another night. The deco and ambiance is nice and trendy although a bit distracting with the flames, waterfalls and sparkling wall decorations. The restroom takes a while to find but you have to go just to see that everything is planned out to a T. Ok, Hil, I'm sure I forgot something....

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  1. G certainly hit some of the high points, but I found myself feeling a bit cynical. It was a good experience- but I had some issues. The sushi was excellent (for fusion sushi- that is), and the happy hour price is a steal at the bar. But my Sirloin was extremely disappointing. The meat was tough and the seasoning bland. Although the potato pancake thing was de-lish. I had heard complaints that the service was slow, but we found the complete opposite. As soon as one course was complete the next one was out. I would have preferred a little time to digest and ponder what I just ate. Additionally, people have often comment about the scene being trendy, hip, beautiful people, ect. But on a Monday night, first night of RW, lets just say there was a lot of colored striped sweaters- not a whole lota Channel.

    A few hours later, I am left with the memory of my lemongrass infused vodka cocktail. Stick with happy hour.

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      I that I have come off the SeaBass high...i would get one of their sushi rolls (the crunchy salmon one!) and a cocktail...Hil's cocktail was quite amazing! and there were so many other interesting choices!