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Jan 14, 2008 05:20 PM

Pre-Theater meal

I'm going to see Rent this weekend on Broadway. I'm from Mass, and don't know NYC at all. I'm looking for a restaurant with good food, and some kind of unique decor/atmosphere. Does anyone have any particular recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. My new favorite place is Marseille - after reading many recommendations on this board. Wherever you go, you want to be within walking distance of the theater. You can check any recommended restaurants on

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      Thanks for the advice, I'll check that out...keep'm coming!

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        Marseille (44th and 9th) is French/Med/Moroccan with a nice zinc bar in the back and a definite bistro decor/feeling. It's a favorite of ours, too, and I don't think you can go wrong eating there.

        We also like (in addition to Trecolori and Vice Versa, both Italian) Hell's Kitchen on 9th bet. 46th-47th for "new" Mexican (not "New Mexican"); solid margaritas, too.

        There's also West Bank Cafe on 42nd just west of 9th for contemporary American/continental and good wines by the glass, and Le Madeleine on 43rd west of 9th for French.

    2. Price point? Cuisine choice?

      1. My wife and I were just up in NYC last week and caught Spamalot. We ate at Trattoria Trecolori before the show and had a nice Italian meal. When everything was said and done it was around $80 for the both of us. I believe it's on 47th St.

        1. Marseille - French bistro - very good, very well liked on these boards

          Cascina - Rustic Italian, good solid food - Italian farmhouse feel

          Etcetera Etcetera - Med/Italian - Very good food, excellent service

          Trecolori - Good Italian choice especially pre-Theater

          These are all good choices and you would probably be happy with any of them. Out of these the one that would probably have the most sophisticated NYC feel would probably be Etc Etc.

          If you wanted to go a little more upscale there is always db Bistro Modern.

          1. Based on some reviews from, I went to Basilica Restaurant (Italian) last year prior to seeing Wicked (? I think). The prix-fixe menu was super affordable- 3 courses for under $25 or $20, something like that, plus a free bottle of wine I believe (not top-rated Wine Spectator wine, but free wine nonetheless!). The food was good, not great. The service was lacking--- even though we had a reservation we had to wait at least 15-20 minutes for our table (making us nervous about being able to enjoy dinner + get to the theatre on time). There was also no place in the restaurant to wait (no bar). We were eventually seated, and made our show on time, but dinner felt a little rushed. If I were to do it again, I would have reserved a table at least 15 minutes ahead of when I actually wanted to be seated & served. If you were looking for a solid, relatively inexpensive meal, this is the place, just take necessary precautions!