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Jan 14, 2008 04:52 PM

anyone eaten at Supermarket?

do i dare? do i need a reso for 2 on sat night at 8:30pm or so? any dos/don'ts? thanks!

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  1. I was there for dinner a few weeks back. They definitely have some edible offerings, and the place isn't completely a miss. I'd recommend the Yaki Soba dishes over the Pad Thai. Sweet potato chips and cod dishes were tasty, but the jerk pork often mentioned here was pretty dry.

    1. I ate there a lo-o-ong time ago with a couple of girlfriends and we were very pleased with the food we had. I remember that I had a wonderful green mango salad that has yet to meet its match, in my opinion.
      I can't speak to the reservation issue - but better safe then sorry, no? I hope this helps!

      1. Mediocre-good-ish. I would suggest Torrino across the street instead for yummy tapas and a nice atmosphere in that neighborhood.

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          Torito is actually located just a few doors north of Supermarket, on the same side of the street. The food is definitely better at Torito, but it really doesn't offer the same kind of vibe. If your friend is not a foodie, I'd think they'd be just as happy with the food at Supermarket. Although, I'll add that Supermarket is quickly losing any vibe it once had. I've always detested those banquets.

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            Oops! Torito, yes. It's been a while (I went right as they opened) since I ate there and also since i've lived in TO. You're right LBO.

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              were it just me, i'd choose torito, but we want to dance later, i know the DJ at supermarket, etc. i am glad to hear the food is mostly decent, though, will definately report back