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Jun 23, 2001 08:07 AM

Carousel in Glendale

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Has anyone been to Carousel restaurant in Glendale? Is it worth going to?

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  1. It's terrific. It is under the same ownership as the Carousel in Hollywood, with the same menu and the same good food. See the link provided below for a recent Chowhound discussion of the Hollywood Carousel. The discussion is equally applicable to the Glendale Carousel.


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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      Thanks for the reply. I'd read about Carousel in, I think, LA Magazine and wanted to try it. I will definitely go now!

      1. re: Karen

        The Glendale Carousel has the added benefit of being a great night club, so you get good food and (on the weekends) an awesome bellydance show. If you read the Los Angeles Magazine article, it featured their weekend group. Even if you don't catch the show though (it's starts around 11 on fri & sat), the food is plentiful and tasty.