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Jan 14, 2008 04:45 PM

Paella help needed!

I'm trying to find a good spot locally to purchase Paella pans. I don't see the need for the high $$$ stuff from All-Clad or Mauviel at Williams Sonoma, but I'm coming up empty anywhere else. Any suggestions? Celeste?

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  1. Sur la Table has them ranging in price from 20-70 for basic ones.

      1. Lotz restaurant supply on River Road?

        1. So why do you need a "paella" pan...a regular heavyweight skillet works just fine by me. Okay, I re-read your post and see that you're seeking multiples. Try one of the local restaurant supply houses: Loubat's, Caire, or Lotz. They'll have a complete inventory (or catalogue access) to every shape of pot & pan you can imagine, and a resto supply joint will be the most affordable way to get multiples.

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          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Why specifically a paella pan, you ask? I'm looking for large ones (18" or more) to cook and serve with. Sur la Table has them; interestingly, Amazon has a very nice selection at good prices. I prefer to spend locally when I can, so I thought I'd just pick one up somewhere around town. However, what seemed simple at first is beginning to take on the feel of a quest. Loubat's, Caire, and Lotz do not stock them. I know I could just point and click, but it is beyond my comprehension that, in food-centric NOLA, I can't find one sitting on a shelf somewhere local (not that I'm obsessive or anything)...

            1. re: jeffchow

              It shouldn't suprise you that you can't find one on a shelf in NOLA. We don't have a good retail home kitchen store anymore....Savvy has a small selection of things, and Williams-Sonoma's two locations focus on seasonal crap & sets of pots for newlyweds. Add "paella pans" to the long list of stuff you can't buy in this town (my personal list includes Amedei chocolates, a regularly available supply of uncooked merguez, and raw duck legs, but I digress...)