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Jan 14, 2008 04:35 PM

Trendy, tasty big-city dining with ladies out on the town

Hello Chowhounds,
Two friends are coming into the city for the long upcoming weekend and I'm trying to convince one of them to move here. As such, I want to showcase delicious dining - one night in the North End, one night in the South End or Cambridge.
Where would you recommend?
I was thinking something along the lines of Dali in Somerville, or perhaps Gargoyles, or Masa - places along those lines, but maybe a bit more exciting. Help!

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  1. The first place that came to mind fitting these requirements would be Toro in the South End. It has a nice vibe and delicious twists on tapas (some are fairly traditional, other definitely not). A few highlights the last time I was there were the braised short ribs and smoked duck drummettes. The corn is delicious too - although a bit messy. The only problem is they do not take reservations so there might be a wait.

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      Eastern Standard Kitchen - great food, great bar, great vibe

    2. For your one night in the North End, I can't think of anyplace that consistently dazzles us with deliciousness more than Prezza.

      1. in the NE, Lucca or Przza
        in the SE, Toro, Hamersley's,

        1. I would go to the Liberty hotel and grab a drink and hang out in the lobby/lounge. I have heard that it is a real scene on the weekends. There is also a restaurant which is not bad (Clink) and the lounge downstairs (Alibi) which is awesome.

          Rocca or toro in the southend.

          Maybe Dante in Cambridge.

          1. I would second Hamersley's Bistro in the south end and Lucca in the north end.