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Jun 23, 2001 03:41 AM


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I went to a very good naengmyon place in Koreatown recently. It's called Yun baksa-ne and it's located on 473 Western. My overall rating for their naengmyon is B+. The noodles were almost the right toughness and the broth was quite good on the whole. When I went they served piping hot potato pancakes, which were quite good and a very nice accompaniment.
This place rates much higher than the much heralded Hamhung restaurant on 8th, whose naengmyon was very very disappointing when I went last year. Also, Tom Armitage very kindly brought our attention to an article on places in Koreatown in the LA Times food section a number of months ago. The article was pretty helpful, but the writer mixed in some decidedly mediocre resaturants with some good ones. In it was a reference to another well-regarded naengmyon place, Kangso myonok (I believe on 6th), where the naengmyon is only slightly better than Hamhung's. Finally, I went to a place in Garden Grove that shares Hamhung's name and reputation but sadly found that their bowl of noodles was worst of all.
My search last summer for a good bowl of naengmyon ended in profound failure, but with the weather heating up and my lucky visit to Yun baksa-ne I'm going to resume the search with renewed hope. The next place I'm going to check out is Nul bom on 6th just west of Western. Has anyone been there?

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  1. I haven't been to Nul Bom, but wanted to say thanks for your interesting and informative post. I'll look forward to future posts in your search for a good bowl of naengmyon. Good luck!

    1. My super picky little bitty Korean grandmother loves getting galbi (bbq short ribs) and naengmyon at Chung Ki Wa at the north-east corner of Wilton (I think) and Olympic just west of Western. They have an Angus Beef motif on their sign.

      I'd like to try your recommendation and compare since I love a good bowl when it's hot outside. Thanks!

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        By coincidence, I just asked a friend who also recommended the naengmyon at Chung Ki Wa. I'd like to check it out.
        I made it to Nul bom the other day and had an unusual experience. All in all the naengmyon wasn't great. It's OK but very peculiar -- unlike anything i'd ever had before. I wouldn't write more of it but there were two things about it -- it was very cheap -- $5 a bowl -- and the accompanying warm beef broth was the best I've tasted in LA. The noodles were a light brown color, which was very strange. They tasted OK, not great. The soup was also OK but had a little bit of a kick to it, which was unusual. I'm intrigued overall by the restaurant and its offerings. It has the potential of being a great little hole in the wall, but i have a feeling that a lot of its food is little bit funky. Anyway, onward ho.

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          your grandmother was right, they make a nice bowl of naengmyon. i found both the soup and noodles very good but the radish was off. overall i thought it was better than the place i happened across last month -- Yun baksane. unfortunately, they didn't have an accompanying cup of warm beef broth. i returned to Chung Ki Wa for the first time in nearly a year and found their banchan (side dishes) are still some of the best around. i liked there and Nam Kang the best but Nam Kang changed ownership and things aren't quite the same. i finally tried the galbi at Chung Ki Wa on the same visit and also found it to be quite good -- tender and not overly sweet.
          thanks for the recommendation.