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Jan 14, 2008 04:32 PM

Chola, Indian Restaurant

Located at 232 E 58th St New York City, Chola has it all. Incredible food, hospitable, friendly service, clean, warm atmosphere and reasonable prices.

A must if you like indian food but you better beware, all the others will seem only so-so after this.
They have an excellent variety and quality of food. More creative menus than most other Indian restaurants, and a chef that really knows his business.
On my last visit, if I remember correctly I had the daal, that was very good as was the chicken Chutneywala and the extraordinary Lamb Vindaloo

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  1. Agree with the queen. For its type of Indian food (i.e., heavy, rich, decidedly not vegetarian), it's the best of the lot on 58th Street. Lamb Vindaloo is awesome; it stands out.

    1. This used to be my secret lunch find: all-you-can-eat buffet with chaat, bhajia, 4 or 5 meat curries, fried fish, various veg dishes, naan PLUS tandoori chicken PLUS dosa PLUS desserts (gulab jamun, kheer or rasmalai, etc). Really more than even someone with a hefty appetite could finish. All for a mere $14 or so. Then the masses discovered the place, the quality of the service (which had been outstanding) plummeted, and it became impossible to get a table at lunch without a long wait. Victims of their own success - how sad.

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        I love this place also., I 'm a vegetarian. They make the Saag Paneer and other dishes veggie (cheese/dairy). Heavy but yummy! My bf (not veggie) loves the Tandoori chicken and lamb vindaloo, both mentioned.