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Jan 14, 2008 04:22 PM

Has anyone been to Txori?

How was/is it?

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  1. I thought it was very very delicious; well-executed, truly small plates, ranging in price from $2.25 (!) to about $6. You can actually try 6-8 different things without breaking the bank.. our favorite dish was shaved chilled/poached foie gras (like a torchon) on a very thin slice of granny smith apple resting on a little croustade. Oh yeah, it was finished with a tiny sprinkle of Spanish fleur de sel.The textures and flavors were perfect, and it was only $4 iirc.. I was also impressed with the server's knowledge and pronunciation of Basque food and wine terminology. Very well-trained and informative. Can't wait to go back soon!

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      I finally got there last night, tiny space, but great food, really amazing small plates. And chefj3 you are right the foie was wonderful. Good fun, interesting crowd also. Any foodie/chow should try (although it was hard to get in and I want to go back so maybe everyone should ignore)

    2. Txori has carefully avoided trying to be a wanna be El Bulli. (Unlike many Chicago and East Coast restaurants that feel a strange need to convert carrots to foam.) The piquillo pepper-salt cod-potato could be a signature dish. Other outstanding dishes were the grilled pear-bluecheese-walnut offering and the cured tuna with cavier. Txori would be a Chowhound destination anywhere; what a delight to have it in Seattle.

      1. really great food and atmosphere, the bites are really small, one bite tapas
        I love the place though!

        1. I have been there three times since opening. It is great. Reminds me of some of the better tapas places we found in Barcelona such as Taller de Tapas and Inopia. However it is Basque style.

          The only objection I have about Txori is that the service has been a bit off. Our waiters have been very friendly and mostly prompt in coming over to our table but pretty much each time (except for the first visit when I was there at 3:30p) I have had a noticably long wait for the food I have ordered. They seem to have enough kitchen staff for the maybe dozen tables. Also, last time we were there they were out of bocadillos before 6pm. Dinner was just starting. The waitress said that she thought maybe they were not going to serve them until after 10pm but the owner said that they were just out, having served all of them during a busy lunch. Out of bocadillos? It's bread with aoli and/or oil and either ham, chorizo or tortilla, all of which appeared to be otherwise available. Weird. Anyway it is no picnic to get a table at Txori during peak times, during which parking in Belltown is also a trial. If you need to drive to get to Txori just know they appear to still be working out some kinks. I am eager for that to happen because it does have a great atmosphere and amazing food.

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            First visit last night. The feira de pulpo (octopus, potatoe, parika, oil), mejillon en escabeche (mussel), the tuna salad mixture with egg and achovy stuffed olive, and the roast pork with green pepper were each outstanding. They were serving a basque cheese listed on the board that was phenomenal too; can't recall the nombre en espanol. The calamare en su tinta was a bit overwhelmed with su tinta, mildly cloying. My only complaint was the price of the xurmant, the only txakoli (mildly carbonated white wine) available. At $7.50 per glass, it is a far cry from the economical txakolu offered at the pintxos bars in San Sebastian.

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              IIRC, the cheese they serve is idiazabal. I've bought it before at PFI, and it is darn good.

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                Yes, they do serve the cheese you mention. The one I tried was, according to the server, a new addition/special, and it was very impressive. They served it with quince paste. I looked through my cheese book and I couldn't find the name.

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                Return visit about one year later. They seem to be holding it down. Tonight we delved into the raciones, and the oxtail with potatoes was outstanding, the beef cheek special very good, the serrano ham platter predictably toothsome (and the pintxo with ham on bread with a light smear of tomato and garlic). The calamre in su tinta was still overwhelmed with ink. Service was prompt and courteous. Total check for 3 raciones, 4-5 pintxos and 3 drinks was reasonable at about $60. Others complain of the portion size, but if you sop up the sauces with some of very good bread (columbia city bakery, i think) there are adequate calories. This isn't the Olive Garden after all. The place was packed by 6, so I'm not concerned for their economic prospects.

            2. Is this the establishment:

              2207 2nd Ave
              Seattle, WA 98121
              Phone: (206) 204-9771

              Sounds interesting from the below comments. Just back from a trip to Barca and will be ready for a decent tapas fix in a week or two when I am in Seattle!