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Jan 14, 2008 04:05 PM

Como Inn-downtown Chgo

I moved away from Chicago in 1984, but I'll always remember my one visit to Como Inn. It was back in the late 60's when I was a very impressionable young lady. We pulled up to the front of the restaurant and someone whisked away our car (valet parking was new to me!). The service was so impeccable...I dropped a fork on the floor and within seconds a waiter replaced it for me. I guess I'm still impressed! I've never received service like that again anywhere. Is it still a good restaurant? I miss Chicago food so-o-o-o much!! Chicago pizza, Italian matter what you have a taste for, there's a restaurant somewhere nearby that has what you want. Sigh....

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  1. Sadly, it's been gone for about 10 years. I miss it.

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      A fantastic childhood memory. The family Sunday doubleheader. Da Bears, Como Inn and then Da Hawks at the old stadium. I'm tearing up.

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        What a shame...oh, well, another memory to treasure!

      2. Yep, I have fond memories of the old school Como Inn (closed June/2001) and of course the incredible hospitality of ever present Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marchetti. My family has had two weddings at the Marchetti Family Estate in Darien and Galleria Marchetti...6 and 10 years ago. What a great experience! friends and family still talk about the glorious 3 tiered antipasto appetizer table, the beautiful serene environment with live Peacocks and Llama's, etc. etc.

        Galleria Marchetti (private functions / parties only)
        825 W. Erie St.
        Chicago, IL 60622 312-563-0495

        Joe Marchetti's (owned and operated by the Marchetti family)
        825 W. Erie St.
        Chicago, IL 60622 312-421-0022

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          Is the Galleria the place that has the tent in the back of the building? If so, I went to a fundraiser there and I think the owner was there. WOW - what nice people. It was a really nice time. The stuffed mushrooms were homemade - not frozen and FANTASTIC.

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            Yep, that's the one. You can see the tent from the Kennedy. I had my wedding there 6 years ago and absolutely loved it!!!....even though I'm divorced now lol! Agreed, the staff and family/owners are sooo warm and accommodating...this is huge!

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            Is Joe Marchetti's good for dinner?

          3. The first few trips for me to the Como Inn were fantastic but sadly in its last years the menu had been made average and the food quality had become average. Too bad. Another landmark that I loved is also gone...Schuliens which ws mor of a quality neighborhood restuarant with great food.

            1. Como Inn was a favorite of mine, in the late-70s-early 80s - great memories! Good pizza can be had nearby at Coal Fire, on Grand Ave. just W. of Ogden Ave., on the S. side of he street. The sandwiches made at the butcher counter at Bari Foods on Grand Ave. remain some of the best of the kind in the city.

              1. Como Inn was a mainstay in my father's family. My grandfather was good friends with Joe's father, and this restaurant was our family's favorite. We had out last family party the last night Como Inn was open. it was bitter sweet. No other restaurant will match the Como Inn.

                Jill Scadron Philmlee