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Jan 14, 2008 03:58 PM

Gift certificate to Meritage -- Closed?

I recently received a $100 gift certificate to Meritage. Drove by the other day and it looks like they are closed.

Does anyone know if they are re-opening somewhere, or if there are any other restaurants under the same ownership? Why would they recently sell a gift certificate if they knew they were closing? Anyone want to buy a discounted gift certificate to Meritage.

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  1. They closed December 31st, and they had announced it several weeks in advance. I hope they weren't selling gift certificates knowing they'd be going out of business. In any event, the owner of Meritage was Chris Peckat and he just opened up Risque Cafe (a bbq place) on Clark St. just north of Roscoe (I visited last weekend and was not so impressed, but it's new). Soon, he will be opening up Purgatory Pizza, next door to Risque. And he also owns Fixture (small plates, generally upscale comfort food), which is located on Ashland, between Wrightwood and Diversey.

    I would definitely contact him at one of the above restaurants.

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      Chris Peckat hates when people use gift certifcates. I had a horrible experience at Meritage a few years ago when I brought up the fact that I was paying with gift certificate...Chris & my waiter were totally rude beyond words. Good luck

        1. re: LikestoEatout

          Exactly, what a turn off! I only ate at Meritage a few times, and went there for drinks on a few occasions, but I'll keep this attitude in mind & guess I won't find myself eating at any of the other restaurants by Chris Peckat.

          If you are so put off by gift certificates, again, why offer?

          1. re: smellen

            They were even more upset when I didn't order a bottle of wine with dinner. Oh, and when I asked for change due from my gift certificate, Chris said that he could not give change and suggested that I order more food or wine...the level of rudeness was through the roof.

            I will say however, that I had several pleasant dining experiences there prior to that miserable night without a gift certificate in hand.

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              it is fairly common for smaller (not corp chains) restaurants to not give the remainder from a GC back as cash/cc credit. Some will issue another GC for the remainder. They are much like boutiques in that respect.

    2. As an update, we contacted one of the restaurants under the same ownership, and they told us on the phone that they would honor the gift certificate.

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        Glad to hear you were able to reach a satisfactory resolution. Thanks for letting us know!

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          1. Please give both restaurants another try, I know the owner personally and he can be rude yes but his places are excellent. The meritage is a wine bar so its odd you did not order wine. the meritage will reopen in a little bit, its only closed for a bit!! Chris Peckat is a great guy!!