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Dinner at Jitlada Thai Last Night...

I enjoyed a dinner last night at Jitlada Thai with a fellow hound. We made sure to order at least a few dishes from the Southern Thai menu - at the back of the menu. We started with the shrimp wrapped with noodles and fried which were actually very light. We had a papaya salad which was very spicy and fresh. We then had soft shell crabs in southern curry, prawns with glass noodles in a clay pot, and a whole sea bass seasoned with turmeric and fried with crunchy fried bits of garlic scattered on the top. We thoroughly enjoyed everything! I highly recommend!!

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  1. Is the Southern menu all spicy? I have no problem with it, but I'd like to take my sister, who's spicy averse. Thanks.

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      No I don't think it was all spicy. The prawns with glass noodles were from the Southern menu were not spicy by themselves,but they came with a delicious, but very spicy sauce on the side. Also the sea bas wasn't really spicy.... I am sure you can request some dishes be prepared more mild...they were very nice and accommodating!!!

    2. Many of the Southern Thai dishes are spicy, but they are accommodating about toning it down a bit. My wife likes spicy, but not hot. They are very nice and can adjust the heat a bit.

      The food is very good and the owners are really nice. They make you feel like you are eating in someone's house, rather than a restaurant.

      1. The spicy sauce that comes on the side of the glass noodle dish is to die for! Also has wonderful thai iced tea, not too sweet. The papaya salad is so spicy but addicting.


        1. I love that place.

          They can make stuff pretty spicy if you ask. I found myself crying and holding the table for dear life the last time I went there, it was beautiful!

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            Having lived near thai town for several years, I can say with certainty that this is the best, and most well-spiced, thai food in the area.

            I'm one who enjoys a nice sweat on the brow with my meal, and Jazz (the owner) is happy to make food as spicy as you like it. Also, she won't hesitate to make sure its spicy enough by bringing different homeade sauces out from the back. Try the reddish spicy sauce with the steamed mussels for a real kick. They usually bring out a more greenish sauce with this dish, but if you ask, they'll bring out the special stuff.

            With that said, those who I eat with do not always like to end up a sweaty mess at the dinner table, and I've gone here on multiple occaisions with people who enjoy flavor, but not the spiciest flavor. I have to say, this restaurant has not let my dining companions down in the slightest.

            And that is exactly why Jitalda is the most well-spiced place in town: the range of mild to spicy is incredible, but flavor always comes first.

            Jitalda is fast becoming an institution, and its reputation is extremely well deserved.

          2. I had the soft shell crab last week and really enjoyed them.

            The owners are super friendly! the atmosphere is soooo laid back and informal it might actually annoy certain people. Not me.

            Also, this place is across the street from Safari Sam's if that helps you figure out when you might next go.

            1. I ate at Jitlada this week with a group of 6, so we ordered a bunch of items off the special southern Thai menu, as well as a couple non-spicy standards like the pad see yu and chinese broccoli with crispy pork. From the specials menu, we ordered the rice salad (#36), the soup with minced chicken stuffed squid (#13), the mango salad with deep fried catfish (#34), the raw bluecrab salad (#40), the whole bass with fried garlic and spicy turmeric sauce (#30 or thereabouts, we left that order up to Jazz's recommendation), the turmeric dry curry beef (#20), and the steamed mussels. There was a good balance of spicy and not-too-spicy dishes, and the two spiciest were the blue crab salad and the turmeric dry curry. Both were also fairly deceptive in spicing, in that the heat really catches you, as if it were time-released. This was especially the case with the dry curry dish. With the dry curry dish, you get lulled by the initial sweetness of the curry and perhaps slight coconut flavor, then the heat just intensifies gradually, until you realize your mouth's pretty much on fire (in a good way). The blue crab salad is not unlike the raw shrimp salads you can get at many Thai places, but the crab is a pleasant departure, and while the lime flavors get you initially, the heat quickly grabs you and stays with you, as the citric acid is probably just multiplying the effects of the capsicum. The two most surprising dishes were the rice salad and the mango salad. I expected the mango salad to be as spicy as the crab salad, especially with all those deep red flecks of the roasted chiles, but the mango juliennes were on the sweet, ripe side (Jazz explained that the southern Thai use a more dominant fruity flavor in their dishes), rather than the unripe mango salads I'm more used to finding on Thai menus. The shrimp and catfish along with the sweet mango and the lime and chile were perfect accompanists. I loved this dish. The rice salad came towards the later end of the progression of dishes, and it too had a dominant fruity flavor along with a more subtle spicing. I was expecting something similar to the roasted rice salad that I've had at Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas, but this was completely different, and best of all, it was a wonderfully refreshing mid-course, that helped wash away some of the lingering chile burning effect. The soup with the minced chicken stuffed squid also worked as a good mid-course refresher, as it was in a very light, non-spicy broth, and the squid-chicken were flavorful by themselves, allowing our tastebuds a chance to taste without the aid of the chiles. The whole fish with the fried garlic was also quite good. I'm not the biggest fan of Thai fried fish dishes as I find the fish overcooked and a little tough (but after finding this at several very good Thai restaurants, this must be intentional), but having the skin crispy, along with the fried garlic bits and the orange-colored sauce to spoon on the fish, it was a perfect melody of flavors and textures mingling together. Our table devoured the fish quickly. The other dishes we ordered were also well prepared, and well above average from the usual Thai contenders. Unfortunately, we were way too stuffed to consider desserts, but Jazz convinced us to have some coffee, and those of us who partook were very pleasantly surprised. It's sweetened to an expected Thai level, but it was as good as dessert. I would definitely recommend getting the coffee at the end of the meal.

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                That's interesting that you had the rice salad toward the end, sort of like a palate cleanser or softener. I actually like it close to the beginning to allow my palate to gear up to the intense flavors. Still I'm glad you enjoyed it.

                That fried whole fish with the garlic bits is turning out to be a consistent winner.

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                  It's not like we ordered the rice salad to come later. That's when it arrived after we ordered everything.