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Jun 22, 2001 08:31 PM

Restaurants in hiding

  • k

I'm new to the area but brought my love of restaurants and food with me. I love trying new restaurants but what's up with the ones without names? I can specifically think of 2.. on off of La Brea.. 3rd street-ish (i believe) and one off of 3rd street near Doughboys (i belive). (with a funky statue where the name should be). they both have their windows covered half way with the opaque stuff...

They have piqued my interest. Does anyone know what kind of restaurants they are and more importantly how their food is?

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  1. First, the latter: Linq. Trendy, decent food at reasonable prices, drop dead gorgeous inside. I went there for cocktails and appetizers a while back and had a nice time. See Linq link below. I know it has been mentioned elsewhere - try a search.

    The former restuarant I've not been to (yet - it's around the corner from me). From what I hear it's a vegetarian restaurant along the lines of Axe in Venice.

    Am I the only one who rebels against restaurants "so cool" they can't be bothered to post a sign? Puhleeze.