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Troy/Birmingham dining

tasoid Jan 14, 2008 03:31 PM

Staying in Troy Tuesday through Thursday and I need some dining/bar scene advice. Lucky enough to have an expense account so price is not a factor. Looking for a place with great food that also has a bar area so I can stay for drinks. Have been to Rattlesnake Club as well as Crave in Dearborn..Thinking of Big Rock in Birmingham, any other suggestions for the area?

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    buttermonkey RE: tasoid Jan 15, 2008 01:11 AM

    Cameron's and Mitchel's are both solid. The Rugby lounge in the Townsen is a favorite of mine. Don't bother with Chen Chow poor food, their sushi is real bad, drinks are over-priced and skimpy, it is a scene, and the service is unremarkable. All are in in B-ham. Mau Jin Lau in Troy for Asian fusion, Cafe Sushi is solid as is Shilla (Korean/Japanese) also in Troy. Puck's at MGM (downtown Detroit) is solid good food, but Micheal Mina's restaurants aren't worth your time in my opinion. I also like The Town Tavern in Royal Oak, it is solid food that reasonable priced ( I go there often). Again Chen Chow is not worth your time.

    1. coney with everything RE: tasoid Jan 15, 2008 05:14 AM

      Forte in B'ham is good, upscale casual. If you're looking for more of a bar type place, Dick O'Dows also in B'ham is fun--more or less "Irish", nice decor and decent food.

      I'd also try Kruse & Muer off of Crooks in Troy.

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        Docsknotinn RE: coney with everything Jan 15, 2008 05:36 AM

        Agree with Forte. The Kruse and Muer on Crooks is Charley's crab but IMO it's only a shadow of what it once was. Shulas in the Troy Marriot as well as The Capital Grille are both great picks especially considering the bar. Both on 16 in Troy. If you go downtown you can do much better than Pucks ( opus one, The Whitney, Slows BBQ). Tribute and the Lark would also be good if you can get a reservation.

        1. re: Docsknotinn
          Jim M RE: Docsknotinn Jan 15, 2008 06:14 AM

          Yeah, check out the Whitney. It's the truly eye-popping place in Detroit, and it recently changed ownership--we're curious about the new menu, but it's had great reviews. And the house has a really fabulous bar area (upstairs). Let us know how you made out!

          1. re: Jim M
            tasoid RE: Jim M Jan 18, 2008 12:38 PM

            Thx for all the input..I was actually staying at the Mariott/ Don Shula's in Troy and had some great breakfasts!!! (steak and eggs). Ended up at Forte's, Capital Grille, and Whitneys where the roasted swordfish with risotto is fantastic..Sorry "Buttermonkey" but I got dragged to Chen Chow for drinks on Tuesday night and have to agree with your non-recommendation.
            Thx again and I will be back again next year for the auto show.

          2. re: Docsknotinn
            coney with everything RE: Docsknotinn Jan 20, 2008 08:53 AM

            Actually meant the K&M on Wilshire, near Crooks. Charley's isn't bad either, though.

        2. g
          gastronomical RE: tasoid Jan 20, 2008 07:31 PM

          Troy has a Capital Grille, Ruth's Chris and Morton's within a mile of each other on Big Beaver Road if you want a steak. Mon Jin Lau is excellent. In Birmingham you've got mostly safe eats...much to choose from...220, Cameron's, Mitchell's, Northern Lakes Seafood. I would heed Butterball's advice and stay away from Chen Chow.

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          1. re: gastronomical
            keslacye RE: gastronomical Jan 21, 2008 06:07 AM

            I'm sorry, but Mon Jin Lau is not excellent. It is overpriced, has tiny portions, and is completely inauthentic. There are a bunch of chinese places in Troy with much better food and reasonable prices. Also, my husband experienced discrimination at Mon Jin Lau! He and a couple of his friends ended up at there after a long motorcycle ride. They walked in with their jackets and helmets, put their name on the list, and watched as group after group of people that came in AFTER them was seated. They kept being told that they were next. After an hour and a half of this, they left. And trust me, they're not hooligans, they were all engineers at Ford at the time.

            1. re: keslacye
              Docsknotinn RE: keslacye Jan 21, 2008 07:25 AM

              I completly dissagree as well. Like most places it's not perfect but Mon Jin Lau is over all very good. Portions are completly appropriate and I fail to see any comparison to some Chineese carry out. As for price average entrees are $1-3 more than most chineese carry outs in the area with much higher quality ingredients. I have no idea why the poster with the biker group didn't think that the other parties arriving after them may have had reservations. Simply because you didn't get a table doesn't make it discrimination. If it does then Thomas keller may be the worst discriminator in the country! LOL

              1. re: keslacye
                gastronomical RE: keslacye Jan 21, 2008 07:49 AM

                Call me crazy, but it sounds like your judgement on Mon Jin Lau is cast based on your husband's unfortunate experience and has little to with the actual food. I've never had a bad experience there, and like the two other rebuttals to your claim have suggested, they use high quality ingredients which justify the bit larger price. Their sauces are homemade, and they use consommes for their soups. These things take time and cost money. While you won't see obscene portions designed for the price over taste eater, there is plenty of food in each dish. I again recommend them without any hesitation.

              2. re: gastronomical
                xman887 RE: gastronomical Jan 21, 2008 07:07 AM

                sorry, i disagree - i think that mon jin lau is excellent. never had a bad meal there. menu is ecclectic and creative. quality is good. prices are not out of line. very friendly service. good upscale asian cuisine.

              3. n
                North Oakland Gal RE: tasoid Jan 22, 2008 01:49 PM

                Tasoid - When you return, try a little place on Big Beaver Larco's Italian Chop House. They have a steak Siciliano which is wonderful, juicy and flavorful! Certainly a change from your basic meat and spuds type of place!

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