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Jan 14, 2008 03:27 PM

Hot Basil Cafe - West Hartford

We're thinking about having dinner at the Hot Basil Thai Cafe in West Hartford in February. We would like some feedback on whether we're making the right choice or not. If so, what dishes do you recommend? Thanks.

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  1. Hi- You should do a search of the New England Board looking for Hot Basil. I know that some great things have been written about it but I can't personally vouch for it.
    Here's a very positive review of it in the Hartford Advocate:

    1. the prices have always kept me out. with the phenomenal thai taste (or whatever it's called now) right around the corner and ~$4 less per entree, why bother with hot basil?

      1. it's a pretty little place, but aside from the atmosphere, i didn't see anythign special about it. i prefer east west grill across the street for cheaper and tastier thai food.

        1. I haven't eaten there, but my husband has and enjoyed it. But, we recently ate at The King and I Thai (I know, I hate the name too) and it was amazing. If you try it, it is on Park street a little past Lena's heading toward Hartford, on the left. It is tucked off the road with a small parking lot out front and a little hard to spot. If you try it have the mussel appetizer and a red curry. YUM! Excellent prices. I wouldn't got to the Thai place in Shield Street Plaza though, our recent meal there was not very good, worst red curry I have ever had, no pernod, almost no sauce, no variety of veggies. We only really liked one appetizer dish, a steamed chichken dumpling.

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              Sorry, it was a flash back to a red curry with pernod dish I had this summer in Vegas. If you see that combo, order it! JB

              ps. Love your name. 4th generation from big Ohio farm family. Mooo!

          1. We prefer Thai Room in Shield Plaza on New Britain Avenue. Thai Room is my absolute favorite Thai menu in the area. I think you can still find the write-up on chowhound if you search for Thai Room and Hartford (?)