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Taco Lowdown

I saw a thread about burritos and I thought to myself, "hmm, where can I get an excellent taco." I love all tacos except fish ones (as I can't eat fish). I like both crispy shell and soft shell. Tell me your opinions on where I can go to experience a really great taco.

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  1. Taquiera la Mexicana, Somerville.

    1. Tacos Lupita on Elm Street in Somerville is my current favorite for soft tacos. The carne asada and al pasteur tacos are delicious. I haven't even tried the chicken since I can't eat more than two in a sitting. DC loves their burritos and beans as well.

      Aguacate Verde
      13 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02143

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        Second Tacos Lupita. I have no trouble whatsoever eating three in one sitting, and usually get one chicken, one al pastor, and one asada. Be sure to try both the green and red sauces; they're both spicy, but the green is bright while the red is earthy.

        Personally, I find the tacos at Lupita to be night and day better than those at Taqueria la Mexicana, but my TLM data set is admittedly small.

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          Tacos Lupita is also my pick. I'm not as crazy about the burritos there for whatever reason, but al pastor (my favorite), carne asada, and chicken are all excellent in their tacos.

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          I always get the steak taco combo. I think I'll get one tonight!

        3. Taqueria El Amigo, Waltham. TLM and Lupita more are more convenient for me, so I go there often. Both, IMHO, are superior to Annas-Boca but El Amigo is worth making a trip.

          Taqueria El Amigo
          196 Willow St, Waltham, MA 02453

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            El Amigo gets my vote as well, especially for their fantastically porky griddle-sizzled carnitas. I'm usually choosing between their tacos especiales (4 to an order, with a wedge of avocado in each) and their tortas (which are very good but not as good as Lupita's). Either makes a nice lunch with a glass of their very tasty horchata.

          2. And, although tacos are not the first thing to come to mind when thinking of Angela's in East Boston - she makes some great ones - Tacos arabes are raved about (with pork), tacos con tinga, a shredded pork (?) in a sauce, tacos al pastor, and my favorie - gorditas con chorizo! You can also ask for - and these are wonderful - homemade tortillas with a serving of rajas - poblano peppers con crema...Absolutely great! We also recently tried a steak quesadilla (chosen by a non CH-er) - all three of the Hounds sharing it with her were bowled over - and all three of us said we would have never ordered it on our own!

            1. mostly a me too post:
              lupita tacos al pastor
              angela's tacos arabes
              anna's tacos al pastor aren't bad

              totally different style, but I was pleasantly surprised: middlesex lounge jumbo taco (maybe lunch only?)

              I still need to try taco loco's tacos.

              Taco Loco Mexican Grill
              44 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

              Middlesex Lounge
              315 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

              1. Taqueria Mexico (Waltham and Coolidge Corner) has a combo plate called Tacos de Canasta: one each of a barbacoa, fried bean, pork and chorizo taco. Their lengua tacos are also really good.

                1. La Verdad in Fenway --- and the tortas are not to be missed. The lengua taco and chorizo con papa are spectacular.

                  1. I'd segundo Taqueria la Mexicana. Especially dig their pork tacos (though I do like Lupita better for chicken).

                    1. My faves have been mentioned several times over: Taqueria El Amigo, especially for its tacos especiales de cabeza (beef cheek), and Angela's for tacos arabes and beef (brisket, I believe) tinga. The rajas con crema are also offered as a side with the steak there, and they're what make the plate worthwhile; I will have to try those in tacos next time.

                      Villa Mexico Cafe and Taqueria El Carrizal have both served me worthy if not quite transporting tacos lately. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the tacos at Romano's, that 50s-vintage looking pizzeria in Rozzie. Fish tacos at Picco are tasty if pricey, though I doubt they'd impress a Baja native.

                      I'd love to get some more Eastie recs here.

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                        Do any of these places priced their tacos 99 cents? They're everywhere in Atlanta and San Diego but I haven't found a place here yet.

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                          Dollar tacos are a thing of the past, probably in Atlanta and San Diego too, now. But they're still cheap most places. Every element of the taco, from the tortilla to the carne to the queso and crema, has become quite expensive. I think any taco under $2.50 or $3.00 is a decent deal. And if I can get a taco for a buck, that's meat I don't want to eat.

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                            You can still get tacos for 1.25-1.50 in Providence, most of the time. Rent overhead plays a big part, of course.

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                              Unfortunately you'll have to spend $20 on gas to get to Providence..to save all that $..:)

                              Burrito Express is my favorite taco place.(downtown)..Bedford Street; around the Corner from Kingston Station..betwwen the back of Macy's and Chinatown...think they start at $2.

                              Here's another place with inexpensive tacos. Fish and shrimp only..long trip..:)


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                                Actually, my boyfriend lives in Providence, so next time I go, I'll have to look this place up. I usually take the train when I go to see him. So much cheaper than the car!