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Jan 14, 2008 03:00 PM

Chef Point Cafe, Watagua

An Italian-American gourmet restaurant in a gas station!!!!! It's original location. Now there is a 2nd.

Will be featured in the Mar '08 or Apr '08 issue of Paula Deen magazine.

My family & I love the food. And the fact that we don't have to get all
cleaned up to eat really well.

My skills at reviewing are nil, I will learn though. Having read ALL the threads before joining, had not seen this restaurant mentioned, and wanted to share a really good food experience.

Check them out at

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  1. WOW someone else knows about this place.. I can give you a background on this guy .. he was a 5 star chef at a local hotel here in Dallas... and he decided that he wanted to open his own place ... his wife wanted a convience store so he compromised ... and now we can all enjoy 5 star meals without paying a small fortune in the convience of a gas station it's absolutely marvelous !

    1. The story I've heard is that the reason it was originally in a gas station is that its so much easier to get a loan for a gas station/convenience store than a restaurant. I've only had some of the italian american standards, which were good, but nothing fantastic, and not necessarily good for the price. There's a place called Tony's that my family goes for that sort of food for much cheaper. Their specials may be another story. That said, I did enjoy the cioppino very much. The shrimp was tough, but all the other seafood was perfect. It was about 13 dollars, and was a significant portion. Bread there is an afterthought... always sad.

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        Kindofa bigdeal - I too know of the the convenience store story. It is what I read in the newspaper write-ups that sit on the window ledge in the restaurant. So having no personal relationship with the owners, in this case I can only believe what I've read. Would love to try Tony's. Then I would also be able to make a comparison. Where can I find Tony's? We are new to Tx and trying to find our way around. This board looks to be very informative. BTW - I agree - Bread should never be an afterthought.

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          I'm not recommending Tony's as fantastic italian, but it's good stuff for the price. You can find it in the shopping center at the southwest corner of Rufe Snow and Mid-Cities. Their pizza is a good NY street type of pizza. I got a cannolo there once that was very good.

          If you're in that area and looking for new restaurants, then check farther north on Rufe Snow. There's a lot of places that have gone in, most of which I haven't tried, but you're bound to find something good among them. Also, look on the boards for info about Little Joe's in Keller and go get a thin crust pie there. Definitely a local gem.

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            Have not cared for any dishes I've had at Little Joe's, including their pizza.
            Spent the first 30years in NYC then the next 30 in LA, CA. Am looking forward to trying Tony's, thanks for the location. Will let you know.