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Jan 14, 2008 02:19 PM

Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

I prefer a recipe that does not use corn syrup.
Found one that used semisweet chocolate and cocoa powder. The taste was good but the popcorn was not really crispy.
Does anyone have a good recipe and techniques for enhancing crispiness?
(The popcorn was crispy enough when just popped--I had the lid off a little while popping to let steam escape-- but when mixed in with the chocolate and dusted with the powder it lost its crispiness)

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  1. You may need a different kind of kernal. There is this place in Chicago called Gary Poppins and they make chocolate covered popcorn. The popcorn itself is bigger, fluffier than the average piece. It stays as crisp as expected with the chocolate & pb they put on it. So delicious!
    Anyway, maybe someone can give you a name of a specific corn, I don't know anything about corn.

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      I think I remember seeing somewhere on Chowhound that someone had found mushroom popcorn kernels. The popcorn pops into a rounder shape and is fluffier. I think they were only able to find it in bulk, but maybe now you can find it in smaller quantities?

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        well, the popcorn at gary poppins looked like a mushroom, actually. Good insight.

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          I will have a look for mushroom popcorn kernals at my favorite speciality shop. thanks!

    2. 1st make it caramel/carmel corn, then add the chocolate over top after it hardens.
      P.S. the Boy Scouts sell a decadent version of this.

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        yeah I was wondering if that would help--will try it! thanks.