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Jan 14, 2008 01:55 PM

cocktails, mid week evening, 5-6 girls, mostly single

with music, some other form of entertainment...tapas style food...and please do not reco same old, same old KI!
thanks, A.

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  1. coca? my roommate enjoys going there with her girlfriend......

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    1. re: c_snapper

      Coca or Czehoski upstairs in the Queen Street West area. Not sure if it is too casual but the Ossington strip is really hopping. Foxley (tapas style)for dinner than across the street is Reposado (tequila bar with music and they serve light snacks), Baby Huey and Levack Block, WrongBar. You can always walk from there down to Queen and hit the Beaconsfield, Drake, Social etc..Not as upscale as KI but a lot more fun.

    2. insomnia! subway close by, it's on bloor just west of bathurst. amazing martini list, $7 martinis i think, really nice low-lit but still casual vibe, and such yummy food. a mix of apps (crab cakes are to die for....) and mains (pastas, sandwiches) that satisfy all palates. best of all it's affordable. love it!

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      1. re: LemonLauren

        These are a few places my gal friends and I go:

        Tomi-kro has awesome food if you are near the East-end. Tapas, interesting martinis.

        Brazen head is a decent low-key bar in liberty village. Definately a good singles scene. Food is pub fare.

        The rushton on st. clair is very cool too! I hate to even speak of it because it is always so busy already. Mid-week though it should be easy to get a table. Food is good and affordable. The decor is hip.

        Sharkeys in bloor west is another place we go for low key drinks although the food has never wowed me here.

        1. re: pancake

          I love the Rushton. Might I also suggest Ferro just down the street. Great place as well.

          Hair of the Dog (in the Village) has some killer martinis, and can be pretty lively downstairs. The upstairs is more of a 'quiet date' vibe. Also, Zelda's can be fun if you plan on having a ridiculous night.