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Jan 14, 2008 01:36 PM

$200 tasting?

I'm a chef from Rhode Island, and I'm going to be spending 4th of July weekend a Hotel Rouge in DC. I was looking for recomendations from local foodies for a great tasting menu with wine pairings for me and my girlfriend. I hate to put a price tag on it, but there are plenty of other activities planned for the weekend.....Hence the budget


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  1. While it's not in DC-proper I highly recommend Restaurant Eve. As a chef I'm sure you will love what Chef Armstrong is doing out in Old Town Alexandria. There is a bistro (where I ate) and a seperate Tasting Room, which I hear is excellent.

    I also really love the Tasting Menu at Equinox. Equinox has excellent sourcing and their dishes included some of the freshest local ingrediants around. Depending on your wine/drink situation that should bring you right around $200 or so.

    Finally, while I have never been, I've heard wonderful things about Komi. Book well in advance, since it's one of the hottest tickets in town.

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      Thanks.... I stumbled across Komi and was curious what people had to say. The website is vauge, but thats what peaked my interest. I might check out Minibar for some drinks and "New Food" as well

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        I second the wonderful things said about Komi's tasting menu. Incredible food, great ambiance, seemless service...the whole package was there. One of the best restaurant experiences I've had in DC.

      2. Is that $200 each or for the couple? If it is each, my recommendations would be Citronelle, Restaurant Eve, or the Minibar. If for a couple, I would recommend Komi.

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          200 each....I plan on checking out minbar, but not sure if i want a whole meal there. Might snag some drinks early in the evening and a few bights, then head of to eat later

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            having drinks and a few bites at Cafe Atlantico is very different than Minibar. Although I personally like Cafe Atlantico alot, it is not the same experience as minibar.

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              Yes, to be clear, minibar is only six seats, and you must reserve it one month to the day from when you plan to eat there. Having said that, I believe that''s probably the most interesting tasting menu of them all.

        2. Yes, go to Komi! Their tasting menu is delicious, varied, well-paired with the accompanying wines and the perfect amount of food and wine. I left full and satisfied but not overstuffed and drunker than I had intended like I did at Citronelle. The best meal I've had in DC so far.