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Jan 14, 2008 01:28 PM

Sunday nite in Nashville with teen near Vandy

Bringing my daughter to Nashville this Sunday to visit Vanderbilt. Will be staying near the campus. Is there anything not overly dressy and not extremely pricey near the campus which has good food. We've never been to Nashville or TN for that matter and are open to anything particularly if it shows off the town cuisine. Thanks

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  1. Depending on the teen and what you mean by extremely pricey, sounds like a job for Ombi...

    1. Ombi is a good choice. Most places in the Vandy area I find to be not over the top dressy, jeans are ok. Some of the nicer places we like going in the area (I live in Hillsboro Village/West End) are Zola, tayst, Trace, Sunset Grill, Ombi, Tin Angel, .

      Some of the less dressy places we like to go include Bosco's, San Antonio Taco Co., McDougals Chicken tenders, Pizza Perfect, Grins Cafe, Calypso Cafe.

      If you or your daughter would prefer a more familiar place there are a few reputable chains near the university including Maggiano's, Amerigo's and a Cheesecake Factory (CF is in Green Hills a couple of miles from campus)

      I have a sister who is a college freshman and she seems to prefer the less dressy more divey places I have taken her. For some reason eating out of doors was her main request when she was visiting. She is not a chow hound or a foodie, just a college kid.

      All of these places have notations on in the nashville section.

      1. I think that you may find Ombi, Zola, and tayst to be pricier than you want. Trace is cheaper but fairly mediocre, Sunset Grill is cheaper and OK, Tin Angel is cheaper and very good. If you want to see where the students hang out, try Rotier's or some of the less dressy places bubblet mentions.

        1. For that matter, you might try simply hitting Hog Heaven for BBQ chicken with white sauce to take back to your hotel. Casual, inexpensive and very good...

          1. The X factor here is that OP will be dining on a Sunday night. Some places in Nashville are either closed or only open for brunch on Sundays.

            Of the places mentioned:
            OMBI ($$$) - open til 10
            Zola ($$$$) - closed
            Tayst ($$$-$$$$) - closed
            The Trace ($$$) - open til midnight
            Sunset Grill ($$$) - open til 11
            Tin Angel ($$$) - closed
            Bosco's ($$-$$$) - open til 2am
            SATCO ($) - open til midnight
            McDougal's ($) - closed
            Pizza Perfect ($-$$) - open til 11
            Grins ($) - closed
            Calypso Cafe ($) - open til 8:30
            Maggiano's ($$$) - open til 10
            Amerigo ($$-$$$) - open til 10
            Cheesecake Factory ($$-$$$) - open til 11
            Rotier's ($) - closed
            Hog Heaven ($) - closed

            Of those mentioned, I would most recommend OMBI, but maybe that's just because it's fresh on my mind (

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            1. re: jamiecarroll

              I would also add Boundry to the list....definitely a favorite for VU students and their parents over Parents' Weekends, and a great variety of tapas/entrees. Jeans are definitely atmosphere and close to campus, also open for Sunday dinner. But Ombi sounds great too...I must confess I haven't yet dined there but after reading jc's review I will get there soon!

              1. re: jcr05

                Thanks so much for the list (especially noting those closed Sundays because I was worried about that). While Ombi seems a tad pricey for what I was looking for we'll have to see what strikes us on Sunday. Do we need reservations at any of these places or will we be fine if we're willing to be patient?

                1. re: SharonOhio

                  You should have no problem getting a table at any of these places on a Sunday night.

                  1. re: SharonOhio

                    Another place in the Vanderbilt area that is very good and a bit less expensive is Bricktops. They are open on Sunday until 10 pm.

                    1. re: jamiecarroll

                      You also may want to add to your list Cabana, which is also in Hillsboro Village,

                      Jackson's (which my husband and I don't care for, but the college crowd seems to love it) and

                      South Street (near Bound'ry)

                      I'd recommend Cabana. It is described as creative Southern Comfort Cuisine. It's a great atmosphere, reasonabley priced and my college and near college aged kids really like the food. If you go, be sure to try the lobster brie mac and cheese.