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Jan 14, 2008 01:17 PM

Out of town CH'ers ISO Point Loma area recs

There will be 10 of us renting a house in Point Loma this weekend to attend a wedding. We are looking for some recommendations for coffee, breakfast, ethnic fare, pubs, and veggie friendly spots. As we're spending a lot on lodging and airfare, cheap to medium is our price range and we'd like to stay within a 10-15 drive of the house (if possible). Appreciate your help in advance!!

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    1. re: Enorah

      Pizza Nova on Harbor Drive for excellent pizza, salads, and pasta; Old Venice (Canyon St - across from the post office) for more good pizza with a nice atmosphere to boot; Antique Thai on the corner of Rosecrans/Midway drive (strip mall anchored by Henrys) has excellent food; local hangout The Brigantine on Shelter Island is cheap if you stick to the bar menu and has good value happy hour selections. Con Pane is an excellent suggestion for breakfast and lunch. Have fun!

      1. re: sdnativa

        Have to disagree with Antique Thai. Worst Thai I have ever experienced in San Diego, all dishes were just lousy executed, tasteless.

        1. re: honkman

          Wow, that doesnt even sound like the same restaurant. Sorry you had a dissapointing experience there.

          1. re: honkman

            I wasn't too impressed with Antique Thai either. After reading all the good reviews it got on here I was hoping for it to be great but overall it was mediocre at best. I much prefer Thai House on Convoy to Antique Thai.

      2. Point Loma is rather sparse for dining, instead search "Ocean Beach" on the board at it'll give you several suggestions. However, other than Point Loma Seafood, Hodad's for burgers and South Beach Bar and Grille for fish tacos are two suggestions.

        1. there are plenty of great places in point loma! con pane rustic breads is a great breakfast spot for coffee and the best cinnamon rolls in town or a decent sandwich for lunch. forget south beach grille and just go to point loma seafoods for fish tacos and other great seafood. a new cafe just opened not too long ago called point break cafe that's near rosecrans and shelter island and has wonderful breakfast dishes. inside the liberty station shopping center is sammy's woodfire pizza which is an upscale pizza place and DaKines hawaiian BBQ which are both good. antique thai and royal spices thai cuisine are both very passable thai restaurants.

          1. And...for Godzilla sized carne asada burritos try Santanas, the perfectly ugly ex- Der Wienerschnitzel on Rosecrans. A true local favorite.

            Con Pane sandwiches are fantastic! First rate bread.

            Miguel's Cocina on Shelter Island Dr has perfectly serviceable Mexican food and not very expensive.

            1. Check out the new restaurant at the Pearl Hotel on Rosecrans. Ate there last week and enjoyed it.

              Over the hill in nearby Ocean Beach you have a couple of really good wine bars that serve good food--The 3rd Corner and The Vine.