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Jan 14, 2008 12:54 PM

NY Hound Visiting Chicago

Will be in town on Saturday night. Looking for the best place for dinner--not romantic. Money no object. Staying at the Peninsula so would like something not too far away.

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  1. Well, Avenues, in the Peninsula, is one of the top places in the city. Tru is nearby.

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      Avenues is closed this month. (The Lobby Restaurant is using its space while its own is being remodeled.)

      Tru ( ) is the best high-end place in the immediate vicinity. NoMI ( ) is also close by. Spiaggia ( ) isn't all that far away, either. All three are within walking distance, and all are excellent, albeit expensive. These are among the very best restaurants in Chicago.

      Since it's Saturday night, you will want to make reservations in advance. All of these places accept reservations on