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Jun 22, 2001 09:26 AM

Palm Springs recommendations

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We're off to PS tonight. Wondering if anyone has any favorites there.

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  1. ...on El Paseo. Not the most expensive restaurant in the desert but NOT inexpensive. Comfortable, casual (it is 108 degrees there now, afterall); Italian/Mediteranean menu.

    Very good, very thin crust pizza as appetizer; exceptional wine list; probably best wine list in the desert.

    Avoid the across-the-board, over-priced hotel restaurants (unless you're on someone else's credit card) like the Marriott in Palm Desert or the La Quinta Resort.

    1. Always a nice place for dinner is Tony's Pasta Mia at 360 N. Palm Canyon. For a more New York (family)Italian place try Livreri's Italian Restaurant
      350 S. Indian Canyon Dr.