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Jan 14, 2008 12:36 PM

Wintzell's- Arriving in Guntersville?

Just moved here from NYC, and met someone who is lamenting the lack of good restaurants in town. She also shared news that Wintzells (from Mobile) is opening up a place here and the local paper confirmed that they have obtained building permits too.

I have never been to Mobile, so have never eaten at Wintzell's. To those of you who have, what are we in for here in North Alabama? I'm excited by the prospect of a good restaurant here- we have lots in the way of catfish here but not so much in terms of other seafood.

Anyone out there care to share?

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  1. While we are waiting for Wintzell's to open, I suggest you try the seafood at Bistro la Luna, K C's Coyote Cafe and Crawmamma's.

    1. I have to admit, I was not that impressed by Wintzell's. The service was slow (it was not busy in the restaurant), my wife's fried seafood was burned, and my broiled fish was *way* greasy. That said, my gumbo was spot on terrific.

      Realize my opinion is the minority opinion, so others probably can speak to it much better.

      Now if the OP can do me a favor: how well do you know the Shoals area? I'm looking for a place to grab breakfast on this Sat :)

      1. The Wintzell's Oyster House in Guntersville finally opened June 3rd. My husband and I had dinner there last night. Service was incredible. We received our order very quickly and everything was good. The restaurant is huge, lots of seating and lots of friendly, eager wait staff and servers to keep the food and refills coming. The menu has a huge variety of items to choose from. It is going to take a while to work my way through everything but I am going to try, except for the oysters. My sweet hubby will have to eat those :-)

        There is a nice new dock outside so boaters can come right up to the restaurant to eat but keep in mind, it will have to be a fairly small boat to get underneath the bridge, a large cruiser won't make it. The restaurant is easy to spot at night. The neon sign is easily visible from the Stockton Causeway on Hwy 431 traveling south. The restaurant sits back off the road behind the Hampton Inn, just turn right beside Dairy Queen and follow the road around to the restaurant.

        1. My wife and I finally went to the new Guntersville Wintzell's in late June, about three weeks after they opened. It was a disappointing experience. Of course, the place was very busy (everyone in Marshall County goes out to eat on Friday nights). The place is quite noisy; we had a hard time carrying on a conversation sitting across from each other. It appeared that lots of people were there to drink - the bar was doing a land office business. The table service was, at best, adequate. Our waiter seemed to have a lackadaisical attitude. The food was okay, but I would not say it was memorable. My wife's "stuffed shrimp" were actually shrimp that were plugged into a ball of crab-flavored stuffing. I had the steamed platter (shrimp, crab claws, and oysters). My shrimp was overcooked, making it a bit tough. I guess there is no good way to do crab claws - these were no better than any place I've tried. The oysters were unremarkable. For a $60+ bill, I would say it was not a good value.
          All said, it will be quite some time before we consider going back. Meanwhile, the good folks of the county will make it successful because around here you can open any ol' eating place and people will come, regardless of how good your food or service is.