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Jan 14, 2008 11:58 AM

Coffee at Danforth / Coxwell?

The Niche is mysteriously (and, it would seem, indefinitely) closed, and today I saw a "For Sale" sign in the window of Beanies. Where else in this neighbourhood can one find at least decent coffee and a good place to hang out?

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  1. Little west towards Jones Queen brings you to Tango Palace, a nice cozy coffee shop. Before that just east of Greenwood, across from the streetcar yard, is Red Rocket.
    There are probably some more interesting little places along that stretch of Queen but those two are quite popular choices in Leslieville.

    1. The Last Drop Cafe at Coxwell & Sammon (10 minute walk north on Coxwell) has decent coffee and a nice atmosphere.

      1. There's a nice place called Earth Grounds on Coxwell south of O'Connor, though something tells me that's kinda far for your needs. They close at 5:00 PM.

        Many places along Queen in Leslieville.

        A Starbuck's on Danforth a few blocks east of Pape.

        But I can't think of anything in the Danforth/Coxwell area.

        1. Renaissance Cafe is up towards Woodbine and it's great if you like live music at night, but I'm not sure how regular their hours are. 416 422 1441.

          Renaissance Cafe
          1938 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C, CA

          1. There's a nice little place called Upper Beach Cafe on Gerrard just west of Woodbine, fair-trade organic coffee, fireplace, soups salads sandwiches, etc.

            Upper Beach Cafe
            1917 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L2C2, CA

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            1. re: JamieK

              We went to the Upper Beach Cafe yesterday and didn't like their coffee at all. I'm usually not too fussy about coffee - atmosphere can make a difference - but this one was actually undrinkable. We, too, are looking for a great neighbourhood coffee place (with WIFI, if possible) and have come up empty handed. Unfortunately the Renaissance Cafe on Danforth doesn't open until 4:00. The Fade In Cafe at Gerrard and Main has decent coffee but their food has gone downhill.

              1. re: torontogal

                That's too bad; it's right around the corner from me, so I had high hopes...

                I don't enjoy the atmosphere at Renaissance Café; too grungy, too dark. The chairs are comfy, and the coffee's good, but it needs something, and badly.

                1. re: torontogal

                  I found the coffee at Fade In Cafe to be like brown water and could not drink it. They are now catering to the cheap booze crowd and is not a friendly neighbourhood cafe at all. Upper Beach Cafe has both strong and mild coffees so just mention your preference.

                  1. re: torontogal

                    I go to the Upper Beach Cafe all the time. They have good food and I have never had a problem with their coffee. I am familiar with the coffee at the Fade In Cafe and I find it to be very weak. You most probably enjoy a milder brew of coffee. The Upper Beach have both a dark organic and a mild organic blend of cofee, so just let them know what you like.

                    1. re: Char_lottesWeb

                      Funny, I had the exact opposite experience at the Upper Beach. It was watery and tasteless, and had sat in the thermal carafe for too long. We had to wait at least 10 minutes for someone to come out from the back to serve us at the counter (us and another customer).Yes, the Fade in has gone downhill as they seem to be catering to a different crowd. They have new owners now and for awhile had changed their coffee to what tasted like a costco brand -- very weak. Lately, though, they have reverted back to their old organic coffee (choice of dark or mild). Maybe my experience at the Upper Beach was just a terrible "one off", but we actually threw the coffee in the garbage. Edited to add: Maybe we will give them one more chance.

                      1. re: torontogal

                        I had a pretty good coffee at Upper Beach but that was a while ago. I hope they smarten their act. There's not really any other alternatives in that neighbourhood, unless you count Goodtime Coffee, which is a whole other ballgame. I've been hoping Upper Beach succeeds, will have to check them out again soon.