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Jan 14, 2008 11:41 AM

Gothamite Jonesing for Tasty New Orleans Treats

Hi Fellow Foodphiles:

Big Apple chick will be in the "Big Easy" for 48 hours!

Can you please recommend a wide array of essential eats for dinner, brunch/lunch, and breakfast in the French Quarter, Downtown/Convention Center Area, and Arts District? Whether at a cafe/bakery, bistro, or upscale restaurant, I am eager to sample the culinary riches of your multicultural town!

In advance, I thank you for your helpful suggestions.


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  1. I recommend Cochon in the CBD and I really like Dick and Jenny's in Uptown. Both are really affordable, casual, and have great food. You will want to make reservation at both. If you are looking for a fancier dinner place try Irene's or K-Paul's, both in the Quarter. They serve traditional creole food. Again I recommend reservations. Enjoy your trip.

    1. I just got back to NYC a few hours ago from a 3 day stay in NO. We had a great
      dinner at Bayona. Even better (dare I say it?) was Stella! Quite possibly this
      was the best meal I've had anywhere, including NYC. Definitely reserve if you are
      interested, as it is a small place. It's fairly expensive - even more so than Bayona.
      I had Foie Gras on toasted brioche with huckeberry compote and on the side was
      a little tuille cup made of parmesan and inside this was a small scoop of house
      made local persimmon gelato. Absolutely awesome. For an entree I had scallops
      served on a bed of potato with truffle, surrounded by butter with a little bit of
      salmon roe mixed in. And to end I had their version of Banana's Foster - served on
      top of french toast (which had awesome crunchy.soft texture). My friend had veal gyoza with spicy peanut sauce to start, and then a comlex asian themed sea bass, served
      on top of a mixture of soba and udon noodles, in a broth that had shark fin and bits of
      lobster. It was very nice. His dessert was really special: Frozen ginger creme
      brullee, served with green tea ice cream on the side (subtle on the sweetness). The
      texture of the creme brulee was great - it melted in your mouth, and the ginger was
      subtle (I think in part because it was cold). Anyhow, it was a remarkable meal, and
      I will be sure to return on my next visit. Enjoy your visit, and be sure to go
      for the simple things like oyster po'boys (Mother's was great) and oysters (Bourbon
      House and Acme both good.

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        I have to agree on all counts about Stella. I went in November and we still talk about the meal. I ordered the lobster/cream gnochhi, the sea bass and the bananas foster dessert you spoke of and all were insanely good. Others ordered the mushroom risotto, the veal/shrimp gyoza, the lamb 2 ways and the duck 5 ways and all were fantastic as well. Great wine list, great service. A+++

        Also, go to Brigtsens. It is a restaurant that you will not find anywhere but in NO. It is a lovely cottage with great service and amazing regional food.