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Jun 21, 2001 10:49 PM

All this anti-Campanile propaganda...

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I've noticed a mounting anti-Campanile backlash on here, especially after it won this year's James Beard Award for the best restaurant in America over seven-years old. (I guess we could say "No Good Awardee Goes Untrashed.) Anyway, the negativity comes from three areas. 1. Too expensive. 2. Bad or snotty service. 3. Portions too small. I'll take them in reverse order.

Portions--I haven't noticed this myself, but if they are for some, they're probably doing you a favor.

Bad service--In the fifty or so times I've eaten there since it's opened, I've experienced this maybe a couple of times. Just ate there last night at one of the bar tables and the woman bar tender who served us was totally great. Almost down home.

Too expensive--Well, sure, but what first-class restaurant isn't? That goes with the territory these day, unfortunately. Campanile's a lot cheaper though than similar upscale joints in NY and SF and as for Western Europe, well, forget it.

So, in sum, be grateful for what you got-- Campanile and the Lakers. Their prices are out of sight too!

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  1. I have not been to Campanile, but it remains high on my list of restaurants that I will get to, come what may. I do think that your comments about propaganda and the retort about portion size are pretty pejorative. I have always seen people's postings on this site as "honest opinion". No more, no less.

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    1. re: Mike Kilgore

      I was just being sarcastic. It's how I make my living. (But portion sizes do tend to be bigger in the US than in Europe... and so are our bellies.)

      1. re: roger simon

        I thought that was the best line of your whole posting. In fact, it was probably chowhound Bon Mot of the Week

        1. re: Jim Leff

          I love the food at Campanile and we probably eat there 3 or 4 times a year, but I have to agree that the service is a bit... strained.

          The food is fantastic and neither the portions nor the prices bother me at all, but service is equally important to me and (at this level of price and competitiveness, they lose points for unreliability).

          Oddly, I have frequently found the greeters to be very warm and gracious and the servers to be cold, distant and vaguely condescending. This is the opposite of most restaurants in LA from my experience.

          I hate it when a place has great food and unreliable service. The Milliken/Feniger restaurants are my real bete noir in this respect.

        2. re: roger simon

          That one went by me like a rising Randy Johnson fastball, over my head and to the backstop before I even had time to blink. Sorry for not getting it. I think I have been overly conditioned by the incivility, hostility and flaming I see on some of the stock market message boards, which I detest. So from now on, sarcast away, and I will bite my tongue, or at least a tongue taco from the Grand Central Market.