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Jan 14, 2008 11:34 AM

Oysters in Austin

Has anyone had any especially good oysters this season? The three times I've had gulf oysters recently, they've been remarkably neutral, lacking any flavor at all. No brininess, no sweetness, no metallic notes, nothing. Not bad, just blah. The source was Quality Seafood twice and the Alligator Grill once.

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  1. Sam's boat has been ok. Small in size, but good and salty. THey have them for 25 cents a piece everyday betwee 3-7pm

    1. S.O. and I had some great gulfs at Eddie V's Arboretum - and they were well on par with a nice balanced oceany sweetness of the Malpeques that were twice the price. We have made hitting the bar area for lobster bisques and 3 dozen bivalves a monthly tradition and have never been disappointed by the wait, the service, and especially the quality of the oysters. Get there by 7:30!

      1. I second the recommendation of Eddie V's. They have an all-night happy hour on Sundays and Mondays (at the downtown location) where you can get a dozen gulf oysters for about $5. I usually sway towards the more expensive imported oysters, but their gulf oysters are incredibly good. Watch out for the "Atomic Horseradish" though, they don't mess around when they say it's strong.

        My husband and I frequent that place quite often. Most of their appetizers are half-price too, which is a nice bonus.