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Jan 14, 2008 11:28 AM

University Roundtable

Hello Bostonians!

We're looking for an upscale restaurant in the Harvard Square area to host an alumni dinner for approximately 15-20 people in February. A private room would suit our needs best. Locke-Ober has been suggested, but their reviews are mixed. Another referral was to The Terrace on the Green. Please weigh in ASAP. Your opinions and recommendations are very much appreciated.
Woodbury University
Los Angeles

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  1. Depends on what you mean by upscale, but Henrietta's Table at the Charles Hotel has a side room. Harvest has a back room which they might close off for you. Upstairs on the Square (formally Upstairs at the Pudding) may do this sort of thing as well. These are all fairly conventional but good Harvard Square restaurants.

    1. Locke Ober is in Boston, nowhere near Harvard Square. There seem to be restaurants called Terrace on the Green in a number of North American cities, but I don't know of one in Bosotn or Cambridge.

      Newhound's recommendations are all the same places that first popped into my mind as well.

      1. Terrace on the Green = Tavern on the Square?

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          Thanks, I couldn't think of that! But it hardly fits the description of an upscale restaurant, does it? I haven't been, but descriptions on this board make it sound like a pub, and not particularly good.

        2. Rialto in the Charles Hotel has a lovely private dining space and very good ( if somewhat pricey ) food ..

          1 Bennett Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

          1. Harvest might suit your purposes. they have a room in the back of the restaurant that they use for wine dinners - it might be a bit big for 15-20 but depending on how busy the rest of the restaurant is they might just let you have it.

            The Zebra room at UpStairs on the Sqaure would probably work, too.