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Jun 21, 2001 05:53 PM

Italian Foods Market

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Does anybody know if in the vast expanse of L.A. there's at least one really good Italian foods market, the kind that makes its own ricotta, etc., etc.

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  1. I don't know if they make their own ricotta, but Claro's on Valley in San Gabriel is one of the few places in town with chestnut flour for castagnaccio. For meats, Pinocchio/Monte Carlo on Burbank or Magnolia I forget in the city of Burbank is very good. Call Claro's and see if they make their own ricotta. If not, maybe they can direct you to a place that does (they're in the 626 area code).

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    1. re: jerome

      Yeah. That Pinocchio's market is great. Good stuff! Like an old time Italian market you'd find in NY or NJ.

      1. re: 2chez mike

        Count me as a fan, too!

        Pinocchio /MOnte Carlo is on Magnolia in the section where all the antique stores are. Sit-down with hot food plus deli plus dry goods market. I like the meatball subs. Also only place I know to buy quart-size frozen pesto.

        1. re: Rafi

          I'm assuming that's a true Ligurian pesto... but from Genoa or the Cinque Terre?

          1. re: Roberto Pye

            Actually, it's the true Burbankian pesto...The SF Valley smog imparts a tartness to the basil that cannot be matched in Italy anywhere else.

    2. Mario's on Broadway in Glendale (1 1/2 blocks east of Glendale on the South side of the street) is wonderful. I have not had their ricotta, but everything I buy at Mario's is excellent. Their deli meats are spicy and delicious (I bought a party tray of their deli meats this spring and my guests went nuts), I buy their pancetta all the time, they have many different homemade products such as lasagna and stuffed shells, a variety of spiced olives and antipastos, and a good assortment of cheeses.

      1. try pinochio's in burbank. the real deal. or i'll sned pauly walnuts down...

        1. My family has always gone to Domingos in Encino, near Tarzana. Great meat sauce, like my grandma makes. And right next door is Nicolosi, an italian bakery with some of the most authentic italian pastries I've seen other than new york. My friends haven't even heard of this stuff, they don't know what they're missing.