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Jan 14, 2008 11:19 AM

Where to Find Brooklyn Beer?

It's been posted in SF, but not here that I can find - does anywhere between, say, San Diego and Santa Barbara sell (really looking for bottled, but tap would be good to know as well) any of Brooklyn Brewery's beer selections? (I'm in no way opposed to enjoying good local brews - this is a very specific Giants-in-the-postseason expat request and the only reasonable alternative would be some recently unearthed 1980s Ballantine). Thanks!

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  1. we don't get it out here :(

    1. Unavailable as far as I know.

      I read their book (Beer School) and apparently after some forays into markets outside of the NY metro area went sour, they have re-trenched. According to the book, they sold a couple of truckloads of beer to a distributor in Florida who couldn't get it off his shelves before it went skunky.

      1. I called them about a year or two back to inquire. According the them, outside of ordering it yourself from a distributor, you won't find it in any stores or bars this far west.

        1. I've been trying to find a Brooklyn Lager for Mr.Tums forever.

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            Thanks! I guess I'm better off looking for the Ballantine's. (Though someone in the SF thread mentioned it being available in Napa - though likely that was pre-retrenching.)

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              It just ain't distributed here :(

            2. Can a case be ordered from the brewery? I would go in halfsies with you. This was my "college beer" at NYU and I sometimes dream about it.

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                Nope, they won't do it. beer shipping laws won't allow it.

                Best bet: Find a beer geek who travels a lot and make him your friend.