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Jan 14, 2008 11:18 AM

Boston Market Alternative

Anyone know of an alternative to Boston Market for big group (40 people) for rotisserie chicken, the sides (steamed veggies, sweet & mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed spinach, green beans, etc.), the salads, the desserts? We're in Charlestown, so need something Boston-Cambridge-Somerville based, I think.

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  1. Perhaps Redbones in Somerville would do the trick? I have used them before for catering and it was great. If you want really traditional chicken and sides then you could order from Whole Foods or possibly other supermarkets. The Rotisserie in Chestnut Hill serves this stuff too but I don't find it to be any good. I'm interested to hear other suggestions!

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      Roche brothers does all that pretty well.

      I used to like the Roisserie 10 years ago.. have not been since!

      Farm Grille in newton does that, bit far for you.

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        I had the 1/2 roast chicken last night at Redbones, and I have to say, it was really only OK. The thigh meat was moist and tasted good. The breast meat was borderline dry. And the skin was really disappointing. It was only crispy-ish - and the seasoning was bland - or rather flavorless. The sides are good. Everything else at Redbones is great (I started with the *outstanding* fried oysters - WOW!). I am normally a huge fan of Redbones, but I would have to say take a pass on Redbones for rotisserie chicken. IMO.

      2. Try Blue Ribbon BBQ. They have catering packages and deliver.

        1. J+J's in Somerville doesn't do rotisserie chicken, but they do a Portuguese style half chicken (don't have their catering menu here). They can probably cover about 60% or more of your sides requests. Midwest Grill will also do such things to order, but you need to see about the sides and negotiate a price. A nice Brazilian farofa is a kind of stuffing, but make sure to discuss how they make it. Mayflower Poultry used to do rotisserie chicken and might do it for a large order, but sides would need to be somewhere else.

          I don't know if they do it outside of holidays, but Pemberton Farms generally does roast turkey with all those sides for holidays.

          Cabana Grill a Brazilian bakery near BJ's in Medford does rotisserie chicken, but would have to negotiate the sides (mashed -- pure de batata, sweet - batata doce, green beans- feijao verde, farofa are definately possibilities). And El Chalan, Betos, and maybe Victor's for something more Peruvian (sides again difficult) nearby in East Boston.

          1. Bakers best in Newton does a great job with this type of catering, and they deliver.

            1. Chicken Express has awesome rotisserie chicken and delicious sides. Healthier and less salty than
              Boston Mkt. Located in Belmont Cushing Square.