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HELP - dinner in santa monica with two 80 yr olds

my girlfriend and i have to take my father and another woman, both in their 80's, out to dinner next monday night in santa monica. want something nice but not too loud. something with nice atmosphere, really good food, and people that will treat them with respect. any ideas?

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  1. Chez Mimi would be perfect.


    Chez Mimi Restaurant
    246 26th St, Santa Monica, CA 90402

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      Really second the Chez Mimi idea. Atmosphere, great staff, good food and bring money.

    2. Vito on Ocean Park (just make sure they are open on Mondays -- I think they are).

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        Catch has fantastic views AND wonderful food - a very rare combination. I think that the service there would be more accomodating to your age group than Mimi. Ask to be seated in either Ramsey's or Peter's section.

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          I dunno, what would two 80 year olds not love about Mimi? It has very classic charm and a French menu with all the classics.

      2. Catch at Casa del Mar. It's quiet and a beautiful room, great service.

        Chez Mimi is another great idea.

        1. You could go to the bistro night at Jiraffe, which is one of the best deals in town. I don't recall it getting too noisy and I found the service to be gracious. The food is great.

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            I found Jiraffe to be very noisy, but maybe not on a Monday.
            Josie has great food and service, it's definitely not loud, and I think there's no corkage on Mondays!

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              I'll also add that Melisse would meet the OP's requirements. My parents (77 and 80) love it.

          2. I took my 90-year-old mother-in-law to La Botte a couple weeks ago, and she loved it. Excellent Italian good, and wonderful service. Atmosphere is sophisticated, not trendy.

            1. Ocean Avenue Seafood!

              We recently took my 91-year old mother to OAS and had a wonderful meal, attentive service.

              She loved it!

              Don't forget to order the chocolate bread pudding!


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                I will second Ocean Ave. - they really strive to make the customer happy and the menu is voluminous.

              2. The Golden Bull on Channel Rd. is nice and cozy, great food and a nice staff. Weekday early bird specials also. http://www.goldenbull.us/

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                  Early bird! My Dad loves to rock the early bird, I'll take him here one of these days.

                2. My parents always loved Michael's--California cuisine -- they felt very with it. JiRaffe is great food but will be too loud. Vito's has that old world style but the food is eh.

                  Ocean Seafood, Chez Mimi and Melisse are all great choices. Melisse will be very pricey and the others somewhat less so. Josie is a favorite on this board but I think the food is overwrought and ultimately dull.

                  1. I agree with the recs for Michael's and Chez Mimi. Both have a healthy dose of the older demographic, lovely settings and good food.

                    1. Which restaurant would be quieter on a Saturday night? Catch or Ocean Avenue Seafood?

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                      1. What about Drago on Wilshire Blvd.?

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                          I really had a great meal recently at Catch, but when I described the meal to my 83 y.o. mother, she said..yuck! Make sure that their menu would be okay to your older guests.
                          Also sit as far away from the bar/music as possible. We were at the closest table and it challenged my DH's hearing!

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                            Dude, look at the oP date. I imagine the 80 year olds have eaten by now