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Jan 14, 2008 11:14 AM

Babycakes makes me swoon

Visited Babycakes cupcake shop in Quincy for the 2nd time over the weekend... While I have never been head over heels for sometime so plain as cupcakes - these are exceptional. The shop is just a tiny storefront with a few small tables. The back of the shop is a case that displays the available cupcakes. The proprietor makes them fresh daily and when they are out, she closes.

In our group we had a cappuccino, chocolate w/vanilla frosting, and a Boston creme pie. We were all happy as three year-olds licking our sticky fingers. None of the flavors overwhelmed - or underwhelmed. The cappuccino was moist and and had a dollop of fluffy whipped cream on top dusted with cinnamon. Boston creme pie had perfect creme filling that was sweet but light and flavorful. The old stand-by chocolate cupcake did not disappoint either. The cupcake was velvety soft with airy frosting that was sweet perfection.

The shop is owned and run by one woman, Kerry, who is sweet as pie. She chats with every customer and was thrilled to find out that the customers in front of us had driven all the way from Norwood to buy their cupcakes.

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  1. I LOVE this place. The cupcakes are delicious, especially the Babycake cupcake. Kerry is also as sweet as can be. I love going in there.

      1. re: Guinness02122

        163 Beale St in Quincy. Walkable from the Wollaston T Station on the Red Line for those who don't have cars but want to try.

        My favorites are the strawberry shortcake and the french toast one. Mmmm... but I haven't had a bad cupcake yet of any of them that I've tried.

      2. Have to agree, we run out and get them when we're having a bad day in work. Love the "babycake" cupcake the most. Sort of a gourmet hostess chocolate cupcake!

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        1. re: Pegmeister

          Pegmeister, what flavor is the "Babycake"? Actual baby, or something else?

          1. re: Bostonbob3

            Chocolate cupcake, whipped cream in the middle, with chocolate glaze and babycakes in white piping over the top. Exactly like the hostess chocolate cupcake, but fresher and much better tasting, and you can't rip off the white swirl in one strip.

            1. re: Bostonbob3

              Bob, I see that someone already gave you the answer, but this place is really worth the trip to Quincy. They have quite the assortment; strawberry shortcake; french toast and the fabulous "babycake". Just a word of caution though, they close down when they run out and it's usually early.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                How much are these delicious-sounding morsels? Also, are they a decent size?

                1. re: winedude

                  Yes, they are a decent size. Definitely not oversized but I was happy with them. As for price, I'm trying to remember. I know I thought they were quite reasonable for the quality, so I'm go to say they were less than $2 a cupcake. When we bring them back to the office and open the box their gone in two seconds flat!

                2. re: Pegmeister

                  Peg - could you please define "early" re: their closing time? 10am? 2pm?

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    It literally depends on whenever they run out. I've gone in the early afternoon and they've been open each time (between 12-2pm), so 10am is likely pushing it. It's situated in an area that I can't imagine gets a lot of foot-traffic first thing in the morning. But technically, I guess if someone did stop by unplanned for a truckload of cupcakes, that might be it for the day.

                    1. re: kobuta

                      Thanks kobuta - would I be so lucky as to find them open on a Sunday? Have to feed my sister's cat while she's on a ski vacation, and will then be going to IKEA afterwards with a friend - could always swing over this Sunday.

                      1. re: LindaWhit

                        I want to say yes, but not positive. I recall looking at their hours sign this weekend, and I'm fairly certain it didn't read closed for Sunday. Sorry I can't be more definitive.

                    2. re: LindaWhit

                      I'm not sure about Sunday hours either, but I know my group has been guilty of pretty much wiping them out before 3:00. To get the best selection, I would get their before 2:00.

              2. Stopped back in this weekend, after a reminder from this thread. They had a new "apple cupcake" (new to me), and it was simply wonderful. I'm a sucker for cinnamon apples and the likes. The cupcake is moist, almost apple-bread like, with small chunks of apples inside. The cream on top is light with some cinnamon mixed in and a nice dried apple chip for decoration. My friends an I swooned over this after a bite. Yum! I am definitely interested in going back more often to see other new cupcakes she's coming out with.

                1. The original comment has been removed