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Jan 14, 2008 11:09 AM

Restaurant recommendation for tourists, this weekend

We're visiting Boston this weekend, staying in a Back Bay hotel, and would like to know what restaurants you Boston area natives would recommend to 2 tourists from NYC. We eat all types of cuisines, love ethnic food, don't want to go to any place too stuffy and too pricey. And, since I'm first gathering information on Monday for this coming weekend, I suppose that recommendations should not be to places that are known to be booked at this point in time. I know that I am placing a tall order but hoping that you'll come up with some great places. We've never been to Boston and one of us is about to celebrate a special birthday. Thank you very much!

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  1. Well the good news is that you have a wide range of choices in terms of cuisine and price points. Some of my favorites would be as follows:

    Prezza in the North End for high-end Italian at its best.

    East Ocean City in Chinatown for excellent Chinese style seafood. Prices depend on what you order because they have many "live seafood"choices. Try the Duingeness crab with spicy salt and pepper.

    The Peach Farm in Chinatown as a good second choice for Chinese.

    B&G Oystedr Bar in the South End for excellent oysters and a nice variety of traditional Boston seafood favorites. Fried clams, Lobster rolls, chowder.

    Any of the many Legal Seafoods around the city. Personally I don't think you can wrong with Legal but there are many who wouldn't agree on this board. I think they are as good as anywhere else for traditional New England style seafood. Boiled, lobsters, fried clams, raw bar, fish & chips, calm & fish chowders.

    Eastern Standard on Commonwealth Ave for good bistro fare. This place has a great bar and some of the most experiences mixologists in the city. The food ranges from seafood to meats and overall is a favorite on this board.

    Le Voeil on Newbury for very good French food. This place has been open for less than a year but has been getting great reviews. Somewhat limited menu but well executed French standards.

    Great Bay in the Commonwealth Hotel serves and Asian inspired mix of primarily seafood dishes. I especially like sitting at their raw bar and ordering from some of the many ceviches (try the halibut ceviche tacos) or some of the more Japanese style dishes.

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      I would also recommend some places close to Back Bay since it's gonna be cold out: Davio's, Via Matta, Chili Duck, Petit Robert Bistro (Kenmore Sq. or Columbus Ave), Hamersley's Bistro, Abe & Louie's, Grill 23, Coda. These run the gamut from Thai to nice neighborhood pub to well priced French to high end Italian to major steak house. If you really want to spend money for the special b-day and hit a Boston landmark in the Back Bay, see if L'Espalier has availability.

    2. Some specifics would be most helpful. Are you willing to travel, take public transportation, etc.?

      1. Would love to help. I'm sure you read this first (FAQs about Boston to orient yourself).

        If any of these areas or cuisines is a particular fave, let us know and we can guide you from there.

        1. Hi,

          Since you love ethnic food, and I know from my visits to NYC that there's not a lot of Ethiopian around there, I'd suggest Addis Red Sea in the South End. It's a fun place with great atmosphere, delicious food, and not at all pricey or stuffy. Depending on where in the Back Bay you are staying, you can walk there.

          Another recommendation would be the Helmand Afgani restaurant. Again, great food, very nice atmosphere, and not at all stuffy/pricey. It's also easy to get to via the Green Line to Lechmere, or a taxi.

          You can probably get into Addis without reservations, but Helmand you'd need reservations for a Saturday night. Both places take reservations, though.


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