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Jan 14, 2008 10:35 AM

Beacon Street Grille in Neptune, NJ

Has anybody been to the Beacon Street Grille?


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  1. Too funny...we ate over the weekend at Synakis in Asbury (which I will post about that horrendous meal later) after Asbury we passsed Beacon St. and the place was PACKED!! I did not eat there ever, but I am curious like you!!

    1. Just ok.... tries to be another Kelly's ...Good location ..the building has changed hand a number of times ...Go a little futher north/west and stop at the Cabin on Hwy 33 Howell ..good eats and pizza is like Pete and Eldas in Neptune City ..

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        I would not recommend the Cabin to anyone. Having had mediocre meals there many years ago and having not visited in more than 5 years, I stopped in with my family earlier this month needing a break from our usual spots. Nothing we ordered was edible, including a reuben sandwich, french dip and cold chicken fingers. The pizza which I had heard good things about doesn't hold a candle to Pete and Eldas and generally went untouched by my 9 and 7 year old boys who are in training to tackle a Pete and Elda Double XL. FWIW, the bar scene at The Cabin was hopping and its an attractive lodge-like space. Go for a beer, but not the food.

      2. okay pub type fare ... nothing special but if you order carefully you can have a decent meal. I seem to recall that the new england clam chowder in a bread bowl was pretty good.

        1. I generally do not like to knock places, but this one is an exception. The food is ordinary at best....typical pub grub...........but the beer is cold.

          My problem with BSG is the advertising they do is deceptive IMHO......the food is not as advertised on the radio spots I have heard........and Chef Gil is a SHAMELESS Self Promoter who praises himself while knocking competitors, stating he does better versions of others signature items, e.g., Pete & Elda's thin crust pizza. That may very well be true, but this guy does it on other class.

          BTW........they paid for a Four Star rating from Gail Gerson.........for what it's worth.

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          1. re: fourunder

            four - I had to do an internet search to see who Gail Gerson was. I recall seeing these so called "reviews" hanging in a few local establishments and never paid them any mind as they looked like advertising. I never knew where they came from before today. Thanks.

            1. re: bgut1


              Back in the 80's, GG's approach was novel. Back then there were few media outlets doing reviews and print media was not known to really dedicate space for reviews...... food critics were a joke and very biased........but not as bad as they are today.....

              GG advertised heavily in the NY Daily News and Bergen Record......she brought attention to restaurants that did not receive any from the print media at the gave the little guy some exposure and some prospered very well.......

              However, today her clients and columns are not seriously considered by the public nor any respectable establishment. only the sheep.........not long ago, Chef Gil got hammered on the Star Ledger's restaurant forum for his antics........from me and others..... he claimed his employees were very loyal to him and they signed on to his account without his knowledge......

              BTW....what's the skinny on Mom's Kitchen in Neptune? Is it like a Spirito's in Elizabeth or Laico's of Jersey City.......if you are familar with either......both of them have been going strong for a long time.....Spirito's for about 70 years......Laico's for 40?

              1. re: fourunder

                Mon's has been there forever .The pie's are good .the crowd has been the same for years some dishes are excellent others are @ best OK ..I do not thing they have put a dime into remoldling since the 50"S . The Alderelli family run it's interesting ..try it ..

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                  Thanks for the insight......should I get the veal parm on the anniversary special.......or the veal with ravioli...... or beef braciole?

          2. DO NOT GO-- We went there a few months ago and it was nasty!1 I have a book and I make notes each time we go to a new place. That place was SOOO bad I did not even include it in my notes. It was probably the worst meal I had in years. Believe me all the cars in the lot belonged to the drinkers, not the eaters!!