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Jun 21, 2001 09:35 AM

Sabor on Pico

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My wife and son and I tried Sabor last night. I had the pupusas, (corn meal cakes stuffed with chicharron, loroco herb-whatever that is-and cheese, served with a little bowl of cabbage in a red sauce that is not to spicy), and the pork chops. Son tried the halibut special, and my wife had the Yucatan Chicken Lime Soup and then the Creole Pasta with rock shrimp and chicken sausage. My wife has a japanese word she uses for food that don't have enough taste, it lacks "aji". Sabor, on the other hand, has more aji than I have ever found before. Maybe to much. That said, we will be back to further explore their food. I could see just going in for appetizers and a beer. It is a reasonably pretty place inside, and surprisingly large. Nice, if not overly concerned service. Sort of the laid back Venice approach turned up one notch. But, as I said, the flavors that are in the sauces are really, really strong from the various chiles. And I like strong tastes. I will try the coxinha, (crispy puffs filled with chicken and goat cheese), next time for an appetizer. The pupusas were good, but a little on the tough side in terms of the cake part. My wife and I both liked the Yucatan Chicken soup very much.

So thanks to Andrea and Muhlyssa for their recommendation. We got there in 4 minutes after leaving the house and found a spot almost in front on Pico.

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  1. Loroco is a Central American vegetable that looks similar to broccoli. It has a bitter taste when consumed alone, and so is always chopped into something or served in soup. It makes a good balance with the slightly sweet cheese when served in a pupusa.

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      And here I thought I was finished many years ago with bitter South American herbs. Thanks for the info.

    2. Is this a brother to the Sabor on Venice nr. La Brea? If so & you've been to both, are there differences?

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      1. re: Mr Grub

        I didn't know about the other one, and this was my first visit here. Anyone else have the answer?

        1. re: Mike Kilgore

          I don't know about that, but I think Sabor (the orginal) is in Silverlake. The one on Pico is actually called Sabor Too.

      2. Good god,let's stop talking about this place or they'll be an hour wait for a table!

        1. Sabor is NOT the same as the amazing El Salvador Con Sabor at Venice and La Brea. When I asked about Lorocco I was told it is a dried flower. The cabbage is called Curtido and is usually a bit spicy hot. The variety of Pupusa you had is called Revueltas con Lorocco. If it was tough that usually means it was made ahead of time and reheated...not the best idea...digs up memories of coffee truck pupusas. Sabor is a good place to get exposed to regional specialtiy faccimilies so that if you like the idea you can seek out the real thing at a proper appropriate regional restaurant. Just like the food at Border Grill, it is good until you taste the real thing and then it is just OK.

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          1. re: Larry

            Thanks for the clarification. IMHO, in most Salvadoran joints the pupusas are something you eat your sparkling curtido with.