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Jun 20, 2001 08:33 PM


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Jim Leff has just waxed ethereal about these on the main site. Does anybody know about finding these in L.A?

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  1. Look for Bosnians and beg.

    For a description, see the 6/13 entry in "What Jim Had For Dinner", linked from our home page.

    Really, all bureks (aka boureks) are great. I've never had a bad one. They're made by Serbs, Bosnians, and Albanians. An easy-to-remember triad if ever there was one. Turks do 'em, too, and while I love Turkish bureks, they're not quite of the same family.


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      There is a place with tasty boureks on Sanata Monica Blvd on the south side of the street in the general vicinity of Vermont - perhaps someone else has more specific information on it. They also have some other very nice eastern european pastries including some variations on pizza (maneehsh?). Sorry for the lack of specifity.... (There is actually another pastry shop further east on Santa Monica on the north side that also has boureks but I haven't tried.)

      1. re: Dylan Yolles

        The pizza thing sounds more Turkish...and Turks do indeed do bureks. But that doesn't explain the eastern european pastries. Hmmm.

        Be careful, though. I refrain from asking Serbs, Bosnians, and Albanians a lot of questions about where they're from, offense and suspicion are always possible. Look for calenders and travel posters, and study them carefully for clues. Or grab biz cards and/or takeout menus and let us know what they say. The other hounds and I will help you ID the place...that's what we're here for!

        I found one place in LA for Bosnian:

        1555 S. Palm Canyon Drive
        Palm Springs, CA 92264

        mini review at link below.