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Jan 14, 2008 10:01 AM

Being forced to go to Buddakan

I've been there a few times, but early last year....and haven't been back because I wasn't impressed with the food. Have to go for a dinner now, no way to get out of it! What should I order? There has to be something good there, right???

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  1. There' actually lots of good stuff there. The edamame dumplings are awesome and the short ribs were fantastic.

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      food isnt bad, but the environment is at best obnoxious

    2. It's funny, I finally ate at Buddakan last night- I'm a city boy, and I manage a fine dining restaurant for a living. I always heard such bad things about the place...I was super-suprised. I thought it was delicious. The service was perfect. Honestly, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. I had the taro-pork lollipops, the pork belly, the veal cheeks, the tuna spring rolls, and the scallion-short rib pancakes. The only slight miss was the the crab and crispy noodles. My lady and I could be called "foodies" I suppose, and we were impressed.

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          Completely agree with you. Sorry Hungry Girl, I don't feel sorry for you. :)

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            Great! I only went 2-3 times over a year ago....thought it was ok (that was when it was so hyped up though) but feel like everyone on here has bashed it ever since, so I never gave it another chance. Yay, good dinner for me tonight! Thanks everyone!

        2. I agree that there's lots of good stuff there as well, & would gladly swap places with you! I have had nothing but wonderful experiences there, save one ditzy, clueless waitress. And even with a party of 12 I had a great experience. Food has always been excellent.

          among my likes:

          Spare Ribs (love the flavor)
          Sea Bass Roll
          Lobster egg roll
          shrimp dumplings
          Tuna Spring Roll,Tuna Tartare, & Lollipops (i don't eat those things, but my friends & family do & love them)
          calamari salad
          scallion-short rib pancakes (unique & good, to me at least)

          Shrimp & Lobster Chow Fun
          Filet of Beef
          Short Rib
          Red Snapper
          Tea smoked chicken (simple but good)

          In fact, as i have tried a good portion of the menu, the only things i haven't cared for are the much loved edamame dumplings (the texture doesn't sit well with me for soem reason) & the cod in miso glaze(i think, b/c i don't care for that flavor) I think the different fried rices I've had are good, but not amazing. I think there's a veggie one I like.

          1. I agree with the rest of the people. While my initial impression of Buddakan (prior to going there) was more scene than food, I was surprised by the quality of the food there. Not to say I was blown away, but the food was certainly a lot better than other sceney restaurants in town.

            I had also worked my way thru the menu and had tried most of the dishes. I say in general the appetizers and dim sum are better than the entrees, meat / poultry better than seafood. No need to order the noodles / rice, as they are about the same as what you get in Chinatown (with 3 times the mark up ;P)

            They also have some interesting cocktails.

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              I thought the cocktails were very nice...inventive but still enjoyable. My lady was digging on the coganc with strawberries and cinnamon...

            2. Tuna "spring rolls"--narrow flutes of tuna tartare in a fried shell; chile beef tartare; Alaskan black cod in a hoisin glaze is nice and buttery; minced pork lo mein; sizzling short rib with wide rice noodles; apple tarte Tatin--any or all of these are wonderful.