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Jan 14, 2008 09:57 AM


I was wondering if anyone has input on Sagra, which opened in the space previously housing Mars?

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  1. I started a link when it first opened but mistakenly mispelled the name as "Sangra." A few mixed reviews so far:

    1. I ate there a few weeks back and was pretty unimpressed, The highlight was the beet salad, which was a special and quite good. I ordered the Cappellini alla Marinara. How hard can it be to make pasta with tomatoes, basil, and parmesan? The pasta was incredibly overcooked and whatever the glob of tomato stuff was on top of it was not good. I didn't eat it and don't think I'll be making a return visit. Husband had a pizza and said it was "fine".

      1. We just tried it today for a company b-day lunch. Mixed reviews. I had the eggplant parmesan which was highly recommended by the waiter but disappointing. It was three rather thin slices of breaded eggplant with cheese "toasted" on top and served on a "bed" of cold chunky tomato sauce. They need to warm the plates and the sauce. Nothing else served with it - no pasta, which seemed to surprise everyone - and it was $13. The flavor actually wasn't bad but the cold sauce and small serving size left even me, a smallish person, feeling unsatisfied. The Arugula salad was overpowered by salt in both the gorgonzola and pancetta - so much so that it took away from the flavor completely. A companion had the Penne Arrabiata and it was better but still more salty than flavorful - except for the very strong garlic (and I like garlic). A co-worker had the Pannini of the Day (meatball) which she said was very good. Another co-worker had the Lasagnetta which he said was good. Coffee and desserts also mixed. Cappucino was forgetable, the french press coffee good and desserts rated well - one chocolate cake with blood orange sauce and one cookie plate with mixed cookies.

        Their menu says they strive to use local/organic produce when possible which is a great plus to me.

        I'll give it a second chance as many items on the menu did sound interesting.

        1. I went with a group of four last night abd could not be more disappointed. The service started out nice but when a large table came in it became terrible. Our waitress promised desserts would be comped but they never made it. The whole experience took 2hours which would not have been bad had the food been anywhere close to good. We had three different entrees and two appetizers and not one was anywhere close to good.
          To say we were disappointed was an understatement. I hope this helps someone refrain from a very unpleasant situation.

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              Pizza Margherita... How do you mess that up.?..Shrimp in a mariana type sauce... Carbonara.. Calamari and mussels.. Not one dish would we have again. I am completely in awe how the statesman could give it the review it did this week...

          1. in a word: no.

            i've only been twice, but with the sudden explosion of trattoria style places in town, i can't see a reason to return. the carbonara i had the first time around was quite simply the worst excuse for restaurant fare ever.

            i love that building and they've done a good job with the space since Mars was so established. i also like the fact that they went to the trouble of installing a wood-fired pizza oven, but meh.

            Mandola's (such that it is) is what Sagra might aspire to be, but based on my first two experiences i don't think they'll even make it to that level.

            skip Sagra and try Primizie on E. 11th. simply awesome.