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Jan 14, 2008 09:45 AM

Chloe's French Cafe in Santa Rosa

Read about it in the Press Democrat's Bite Club

Anyone been there?

Open 7:30am to 5pm weekdays. Closed on weekends.

Chloe's French Cafe
3883 Airway Drive 145, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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  1. Thanks for the head's up, I've been awaiting the opening with great anticipation!

    I'd tried Alain Pisain's pastries before,
    and in trying to track him down a few months ago, came across the website for Chloe's that said it would open soon.
    The brother, Marc, used to run one of the coop tasting rooms. Looking forward to trying their new place.

    1. Went today. Tried a sandwich - delicious. Admired the pastries - beautiful - both breakfast & dessert pastries, most under $3. Talked with Marc. They chose the out-of-the-way location because it has a great kitchen that will enable them to do both catering and mail order goodies.

      I really want the cafe to make it too.

      Sonoma County people please get yourselves there.


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      1. re: Stephanie Sugars

        Thanks, Stephanie, which sandwich did you order?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I got it at 10:30 AM and had to wait a couple hours to eat it, so chose the chicken curry on a roll. It was huge. I had half for lunch & half for dinner. Full of chicken, fruit and a mellow curry sauce (mayo?). Reminded me of curry chicken salads of the 1950's and 1960's. Very yummy - just a little Romaine in addition to the overflowing filling.

      2. Update:

        It's Christmas at Chloe's Cafe.

        1" slices of beautiful Buche de Noel for $3.25. Many other pastries in that price range.

        The hit for me was the plat du jour - cassoulet - a mound of deliciously flavored big white beans with chicken leg & thigh, 6 sausage slices, 2 bacon slices, dense tomato based sauce. A good sized salad on the side with veggies atop and baguette chunk. $14.95. I got it cold to go, heated it at home and ate half the cassoulet and the salad for dinner tonight. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow's dinner. Every bite was a wonder.

        Sutter opened offices in the building and Chloe's was packed at lunch time. They've added tables and staff and were utilizing the back kitchen and the dish cleaning area.

        They had a dream and survived during a long construction period. Now they are thriving. Congratulations to them. Happy eating for us.

        Get thee there.

        Happy holidays chowhounds!

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        1. re: Columba

          I'll confess to some trepidation before opening your post. We've had so many reports of restaurants closing in these hard times, I feared this might be another. How good to hear that Chloe's is thriving. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I think the cassoulet is calling my name.

          1. re: Melanie Wong


            Don't get too set on the cassoulet, the current special is Normandy Pork which is roasted and served with traditional potato gratin, salad and baguette for $14.95. It helps to check their website or call about current specials. The specials can be eaten there or brought home.

            I noticed a King's cake that looked yummy.

            1. re: Columba

              It's taken me a year, but I did make it there yesterday and tried the galette des rois, here's the post,

              How lucky the Sutter folks are to have this cafe in their building. Low prices and top quality, and an expert pastry chef at hand.

        2. It appears that they've traded in take-out dinners for a Friday night dinner.

          From today's newsletter:

          We are excited to announce our new program of Table d'hote dinners at Chloe's French Cafe.

          Beginning in February, the cafe will close at 5:00 pm on Friday and offer a monthly Table d'hote dinner.
          Keeping in line with the French tradition of festive banquets, our guests will be seated at long tables, where they will enjoy a menu based on the wealth of regional French cuisine.
          This is a great way to share good food and wine with friends as well as a convivial way of making new ones!
          Our first dinner will take place in our new event space, L'Olivier on Friday, February 13th at 6:30pm.


          Selection of Passed Appetizers

          Pea shoot & baby greens salad with roasted cauliflower, seared pears and Petit Basque cheese with garlic buttermilk creme dressing

          Classic Boeuf Bourguignon with tender morsels of beef slowly braised in red wine accompanied by roasted mushrooms, herb potatoes and caramelized shallots.

          Paris Brest au chocolat- Crispy pate a choux with chocolate creme mousseline and caramel sauce.

          Coffee & Tea

          This prix fixe menu is $26.50 per guest and includes passed appetizers along with a 3-course meal. A selection of French & Sonoma wines will be available for purchase by the glass or bottle. Reserve your seat now by calling the cafe at 707-528-3095.

          1. I finally got to Chloe's after a meeting that ended early enough to get there before their 5:00 closing. The plat du jour was crepes, which I didn't think would survive the hour plus wait for me to get other errands done and home to Glen Ellen, so I order 2 sandwiches and a salad to share with my husband. Had the Mediterranean sandwich (on a baguette), the special pastrami (on rye) and the quinoa/roasted carrot salad. More than enough food for the 2 of us, everything was tasty, and fairly "healthy". House made pickles were especially good. Everything had a slightly "sweet" taste which surprised me for a place billing itself as French, but not so much as to be offensive to my taste. Would def. go back when I am in the neighborhood.