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Jan 14, 2008 09:24 AM

House in Media

Just sampled three of the best paninis I've ever had at House in Media (110 Jackson off State). Brisket with perfectly carmelized onion, spinach and brie, and excellent cheddar with bacon and the same lovely onions. The bread tasted homemade and each sandwich was perfectly seasoned and scrumptious. Hope they will put in a few more tables, I will be going back (and I really don't own stock in this place) I was just astonished by the high quality. In DC where I live these sandwiches would be $12-$15--the charming chef and wife server are charging a measly $5.25 or so...

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  1. I agree.....It's my new favorite lunch spot!

    1. Talk about a samwich....... Fresh bread, spices, cheeses, meats, fantastic soups, something for everyone.... I recommend the chef's choice (whatever he is inclined to making at that moment)..... The best food in Media without question and does not break the bank!

      1. Have you guys tried their new grilled cheese and tomato soup menu? He's got a couple "funky" ones on there. I love the stilton grilled cheese: bleu cheese, aged cheddar, charred onions mmm mmmm...I may need to try and steal his recipe for tomato soup, it's now an addiction.

        1. Just tried it today for the first time. Had a buffalo chicken salad sandwich with carmelized onions which was excellent. I guess my mouth was a little spiced out because everything after tasted a little bland (split pea soup). Ate half of a co-workers chicken pesto sandwich which was also good. Menu changes weekly acccording to the owner. Sandwiches were around $5.50-7.00. Salads looked good too.

          1. Guys....SSSHHHHHHH.....just kiddin'

            This place is really good and a really good value. Plus, they let me bring my dog in (as long as she behaves....)