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Jan 14, 2008 09:16 AM

Wi-Fi and Lunch?

Anyone have any good recommendations for cafe's that serve up wireless internet with lunch? I am starving for some good places to eat while i work.

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  1. Try the Kindred Café. They have some great coffee and sandwiches.

    Kindred Cafe
    7 Breadalbane St, Toronto, ON M4Y1C2, CA

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    1. re: xtal

      Their shakes are killer too :)

      1. re: jonnybee

        They are quite magical, aren't they?

        1. re: xtal

          Looking for the same thing: wifi and a nice place to sit so I can work from the downtown core or towards the west.

          Does Kindred have decent seating? Is the food any good? (Even without... special additives?)

    2. barring the often awfully slow and forgetful service... tequila bookworm has wifi and food. i actually enjoy some of the food most of the time... waffles and the poached salmon salad with dill potatoes being at the top.

      and while i can't offer any recommendations... this list is for wireless toronto and has their hotspot locations:

      if you're willing to pay for wifi, i've had fairly good success with the hydro one one zone network. certainly doesn't hurt that one of the barrels is practically outside my window.

      1. Check out Wireless Toronto ( A number of their hotspots are in restaurants that would be good for lunch.

        Also, off the top of my head:
        - Bright Pearl (Spadina & St Andrews) for internet and dim sum.
        - Tinto (Rincesvalles & Queen) for internet and fair trade/organic latin-american food and coffee.


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          Tinto's great. There's lots of couches as well as tables and chairs. They have big windows so you'll get lots of sunshine if it's a nice day out. Their sandwiches and wraps are really good. I find they overload the dressing on the salads so you may want to order that on the side.

        2. Try Red Rocket cafe at Queen E and Vancouver (E of Greenwood). Great little cafe with interesting, creative sandwiches, homemade soups and sweet treats, and good coffee. Bright atmosphere, too.

          1. Aroma on Bloor, near Bathurst